As far as I am concerned May Day is on May 1st.  We don't change Christmas day just because it is inconveniently in the middle of the week so why do we change May Day?  I've never quite understood it.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when out walking the dog this morning, when I came across a procession of primary school children complete with May Pole heading back from the village square, having finished their dancing.

It was grey and cold this morning and the girls were shivering in their pretty dresses, I did feel sorry for them.  Walking at the head of the procession was a girl aged about 9 or 10 dressed in a long white gown and wearing very dainty white slippers.  She was the only girl not to wear flowers or a hat.  The sacrificial virgin I suppose.

Since I was out with the dog, and not really expecting to see anything of note, I did not have my camera with me - which was a shame because it would have been nice to mark my final May Day in Britain in some way.  I have been so wrapped up my move to Spain that I forgot completely about the traditional festivities.  It made me feel a little sad. 

I feel like I am leaving a world of rich and luxurious greens and browns, like the understory of a dark and ancient forest, to embrace a life that will be filled with blue and yellow and somehow with more visible beauty but less mystery and magic, and for the first time I have a little regret.  Regret that I could not afford the life I would like to live here in Britain.  I only want a small house, some land to grow vegetables and fruit and to keep a few animals and some time to share it all with the man I chose to be my life partner.  Isn't it sad that I cannot have these things here?  If I wanted these things here the love of my life would have to work all the hours in all the days ad infinitum in order to pay for them.  In other words, sacrifice his life for my pleasures.  But what would any of these things be without the greatest of all my pleasures... time with him.

And to finish... my favourite Morris team of all time... Armaleggan.  Happy May Day Everyone!


  1. I was wondering about this .. i am far too tied into this land to ever leave it .. I don't think I ever could ... Not only because of the magic and mystery, but also because I really don't think there is a more beautiful place than Britain - every day I marvel at it's wonder and the beauty all around me and think how very lucky I am to live here despite the 'bad' things. Having said that, I do love the way the Europeans have a far greater appreciation of their land.

    1. Hi Julia, Yes, this is not something we are taking too lightly, I know a lot of people who can't understand why/how we can leave, but since birth both hubby and I have led a very nomadic existence, so although we have put a few roots down here, they are fairly shallow. The stuff that we love best about Britain we shall be taking with us, the stuff we always take with us,our memories and each other. I feel another post is required on this topic... perhaps nearer the time.


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