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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It's a SLOW world after all!

You know how sometimes the world can seem very small?  It's possible to go anywhere by plane in a matter of days, if not hours in some cases.  And there isn't a corner of the world that hasn't been explored and wired up for internet.

Everything is fast fast fast.  And I'm not a fan of fast.  I like slow things, like food cooked from scratch, stirred lovingly and waited for.  I like relaxed social gatherings - chat time with friends over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  I do not like the rush rush of modern times that makes the day go by so fast you hardly feel like you lived it at all.  I try to savour each and every day.

Well yesterday I had a nice surprise.  A postcard arrived.

It's from Nepal and it says 'Hi Mum, I made it! See you soon, love Jon'.

It was posted last November from Namche Bazaar when my son was on his way back down from Everest Base Camp.  I read it, and re read it.  And I tried to imagine where the postcard has been all this time. I know the first part of it's journey was by Yak train... (and I am trying not to think that it has been stuffed in a sack and dumped at the back of some depot in London for several months)...

This is all the proof I need, there is still a wonderful slow world out there after all!

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