Ah Well There You Go!

Been a few days I know.  Been a hard few days.  Yes you probably guessed right.  Our buyer changed her mind.  Actually that is not entirely accurate.  The survey on the house highlighted quite a lot of little annoying but very visible things such as...

TLC needed on windows and doors.

And also that part of the house has out of date wiring.  We were prepared to come to an arrangement as regards the wiring, after all, that is quite an important thing.  The rest we considered to be superficial and cosmetic.

The out of date decor of almost the entire house, we felt, was perfectly visible when the house was viewed, I mean we didn't try in any way to conceal it and we were selling for nearly 10k less than the guide price.  But apparently the lady in question had not noticed that the house wasn't in perfect order!

She then offered 25k less than the guide price and said if we didn't take it she would walk away.

So we walked away.

I am not sure if she was genuinely unobservant or if this was some kind of scam, coming so close to the date we were supposed to move to Spain.  Our removals, cat removals and rental property in Spain all ready to go. Apart from having paid a deposit on a left hand drive car (which we will now lose) we luckily had not shelled out loads of money.  It is, however, very disappointing.

So... the house is now back FOR SALE.  We have begun a programme of TLC.  Wood windows and doors are being sanded, treated and painted and I am going to paint the out of date bathroom and turn the mauve sitting room a nice shade of magnolia!

To focus on the positive... something rather wonderful is happening in my garden.  since we re-homed the hens and spread the remaining straw around the now empty hen enclosure the scattered corn has started to grow.

Looks a bit of a mess I know.  But underneath the straw the soil is simply teeming with worms and little bugs and beasties.  And we have been visited by lots more birds than I have ever seen in our garden before.  Even the cats have not put them off.  We are not bird watchers but the most ignorant of laymen couldn't fail to notice the different species that now visit us on a daily basis.  There are tits of all kinds and finches too and little Jenny Wren's as well as the common sparrows and blackbirds.  Even my neighbour has remarked on how many birds seem to be coming to our garden (and we don't even have a bird table!), our neighbours are keen 'twitchers'.

I can only assume that the hen poo rich enclosure has prompted the explosion of insects and worms which in turn is now a high-end smorgasbord for our feathered friends.  Apologies for no pictures of the birds but my camera and photographic skills are not up to it.

 In true Permaculture fashion I scraped away a little of the straw and planted some peas.  Yum Yum (but I can't help feel a little sad at the prospect of being here to eat them).


  1. That's annoying to lose the sale, sounds like they were trying to pull a fast one. It happened to my sister, they were a week away from moving, all packed up, stuff taken to charity shops, and the buyers pulled out. You can't guarantee you will sell untill the contracts are signed. Someone else will come along soon.


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