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It's a SLOW world after all!

You know how sometimes the world can seem very small?  It's possible to go anywhere by plane in a matter of days, if not hours in some cases.  And there isn't a corner of the world that hasn't been explored and wired up for internet. Everything is fast fast fast.  And I'm not a fan of fast.  I like slow things, like food cooked from scratch, stirred lovingly and waited for.  I like relaxed social gatherings - chat time with friends over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.  I do not like the rush rush of modern times that makes the day go by so fast you hardly feel like you lived it at all.  I try to savour each and every day. Well yesterday I had a nice surprise.  A postcard arrived. It's from Nepal and it says ' Hi Mum, I made it! See you soon, love Jon '. It was posted last November from Namche Bazaar when my son was on his way back down from Everest Base Camp.  I read it, and re read it.  And I tried to imagine where the postcard has been all t

Ah Well There You Go!

Been a few days I know.  Been a hard few days.  Yes you probably guessed right.  Our buyer changed her mind.  Actually that is not entirely accurate.  The survey on the house highlighted quite a lot of little annoying but very visible things such as... TLC needed on windows and doors. And also that part of the house has out of date wiring.  We were prepared to come to an arrangement as regards the wiring, after all, that is quite an important thing.  The rest we considered to be superficial and cosmetic. The out of date decor of almost the entire house, we felt, was perfectly visible when the house was viewed, I mean we didn't try in any way to conceal it and we were selling for nearly 10k less than the guide price.  But apparently the lady in question had not noticed that the house wasn't in perfect order! She then offered 25k less than the guide price and said if we didn't take it she would walk away. So we walked away. I am not sure if she was genuinely

Beyond a Joke

What a week it has been and it's not over yet.  I am starting to feel like a wrung out wet dish cloth, yesterday I spent most of the day on the couch totally unable to rouse myself to any kind of action whatsoever.  The reason?  It's accumulative... Firstly... No 1. son gets rushed into hospital in the middle of the night with a temperature of 39.9 talk about worry.... turned out to be a kidney infection and three days in hospital sorted it out.  All the same, it was a bit of a shock at the time! Then... our buyer decides to re-view the house on the grounds that the survey has brought something to light.  We are really concerned because we felt that all faults with the house were upfront and perfectly visible i.e. windows a little old and back door needing replacing, almost the entire house needing decorating, wiring old fashioned but not dangerous.  Apart from the wiring everything else is on show - I mean we haven't even tarted any of it up to try and disguise it. I

Please make this the last hurdle!

We had hoped to be confirming the removals this week, booking the cats travel and purchasing our ferry tickets... but ... no, not yet. In the light of the survey on the house our buyer has requested an electrician do an inspection and is also viewing again tomorrow.  Well. We know that the electrics in the house are old, however, we have never had any problems with them in the 16 years that we have been here.  And although they would not pass current regulations, they were perfectly legal when the house was built and are therefore not illegal now.  Can we get away with not rewiring the whole house please? We are pretty convinced that all the faults with the house are up front and visible.  We don't expect any surprises, but you know how it is, we have not seen the survey report so we are wondering (worrying) about what it might contain. I have spent several days cleaning and re-cleaning, as if that would make a difference to anything. If we don't exchange contracts th


The last week or so has been full of... well.... nothing really. After all the frenetic energy required to catch a buyer for the house, to provide the solicitor with all the information he might possibly need, we have hit a major lull. We wait.  And then we wait a little more.  Time marches on regardless and I fret a bit too which only makes the time marching on a little bit more edgy. So.... to pass the time more pleasantly, I've found myself watching kittens.  Yup you heard me right... just click HERE and you will see what I mean.  My brother sent me the link and after a short while of watching, my son passed the link on to a whole bunch of his friends.  You know I think we could solve most of the problems in the world just by watching kittens. I am so sad that I didn't know about it sooner, they are cute but would have been even cuter when really small.  What a clever idea.  Oh and if they are asleep when you go to look just rewind the bar at the bottom to watch the


As far as I am concerned May Day is on May 1st.  We don't change Christmas day just because it is inconveniently in the middle of the week so why do we change May Day?  I've never quite understood it.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when out walking the dog this morning, when I came across a procession of primary school children complete with May Pole heading back from the village square, having finished their dancing. It was grey and cold this morning and the girls were shivering in their pretty dresses, I did feel sorry for them.  Walking at the head of the procession was a girl aged about 9 or 10 dressed in a long white gown and wearing very dainty white slippers.  She was the only girl not to wear flowers or a hat.  The sacrificial virgin I suppose. Since I was out with the dog, and not really expecting to see anything of note, I did not have my camera with me - which was a shame because it would have been nice to mark my final May Day in Britain in some way.  I hav

the Day That The Rains Came Down

... Oh boy!  I don't remember    this ,    although I was alive and somewhere in my DNA I 'feel' my parents humming along... leave it playing while you read the rest of this... Yesterday was the first whole day of no rain for more than a week but it wasn't meant to last.  Just after midnight we were awoken by the flash of lightening illuminating the bedroom.  The dog has a real thing about thunder and immediately he was on his feet and starting to whine a bit.  The thunder took its time to come but as the rumbles approached, Fergus starting barking really loud and dashing around the room scratching his feet threateningly on the carpet!  If we hadn't been so tired it might have been funny. The wind howled and we could feel the pressure against the windows as the rain lashed down.  within minutes the entire household was aroused and downstairs trying to make ourselves heard above the crash of torrential rain on the conservatory roof. Where was the cat?