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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Oh NO! and then... Phew....

I had a strange dream.  It was hardly a dream at all in fact.  I simply had a ten second 'thing' during the night when I imagined that they had taken down the SOLD sign outside our house and replaced it with a FOR SALE sign.  when I woke up in the morning I asked hubby if the sign was still there.  Yep it was ok.  I laughed...

We heard from the solicitor - he requested a copy of the last boiler inspection - and that would be that... the contract all ready to be passed over to the buyers solicitor.  And then... cue suspense music...

The roller coaster crested the rise and plummeted earthward on the downward slope.  A phone call from the estate agent.  The people buying our house have lost the buyer of their house who had lost the buyer of their house.  Not their fault, very sorry, not in a position to continue with the purchase!  Market very slow at the moment, perhaps it's the Easter holidays blah blah blah.

Square One?  No, not exactly.  Spooky premonition or what though?  Yeah definitely. 

The next day, we asked the estate agent to approach the other potential buyer of our house whose offer had been a little less, and to ask if she was still interested, and if so, we would accept her offer.  She is a cash buyer with the money in the bank and living at present in a rental property.  She spent only 20 minutes in our house before making an offer and we surmised that she is a lady who knows what she wants. And true to form, it took only a matter of minutes for her to make up her mind.  She still wants our house, and it seems she has the same solicitor as the previous buyers!  The roller coaster car is back on the upward slope....

Three quotes from removal companies requested, one done, two to go and now we are headed for the loop de loop!!  Son has Gastritus really bad and my irritable bowel is back with a vengeance.  Still no rental property for sure but a possibility on the horizon, wont know for a day or two... will keep you posted.

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