Oh Dear!

Did you ever think everything was going just too swimmingly?  Our rental property in Spain has fallen through.  Boo Hoo.

It seems that the owners of the property would prefer to put it on the market to sell and now do not want the hassle of a tenant, albeit a short term one.  So we are back to square one.

Our agent in Spain is unperturbed by this turn of events (I wish I could say the same) and assures us that there will be another one, in the same village, at around about the same price.  But it's Holy Week in Spain and not much happens business wise for the entire week. 

In the meantime I have booked some removals firms to come and look at all my 'stuff' and to quote us for transporting it all to ? wherever we will be!  Our house sale moves along...s-l-o-w-l-y  and all my good intentions about keeping up to date with housework have fallen by the wayside somewhat.  No, it's not quite dirty, but it's not looking like a show house any more.

Hubby is out every day at his contract work, doing whatever it is that he does (you know he could be 007 for all I know! Mmmm ... now there's a thought!)

....and in order to fill my time productively I have cleared out my HUGE stash of fabric and sorted it into piles:  the make clothes for my grand daughter pile (et voila...!)

... and the very useful make clothes/household items for Spain pile. (which is boring so I didn't take a photo of that).  All sewing done on the trusty treadle machine.  Which doesn't use electricity and which teaches hand eye foot co-ordination - I do very well at that when sewing in straight lines but doing fiddly round corners and shorter runs is not so easy.  And because it only sews straight lines I finished off all the insides with french seams and everything looks neat and tidy, and of course took a little longer than if I had used the electric machine.  So I guess it teaches patience too!  I am in short supply of that and I suspect I shall need loads of it if I am to manage this move to Spain while preserving my sanity at the same time.


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