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More Tension

OK stress levels are high in this house at the moment... got a shock at my blood pressure the other day when visiting the chemist and trying out the cool 'test your blood pressure machine' on a whim.  So I need to relax a bit, mentally relax that is. Relaxing mentally is very hard for me.  I suffer from tension headaches. 'Tension', a word I hate.  It does not describe the excruciating, unrelenting, soul destroying pain-without-end that I have learned to live with over the last ten + years. Only very occasionally have I been pain free.  A small amount of alcohol works for a small amount of time but is ALWAYS followed by worse pain which in a way has helped save me from becoming an alcoholic, it's not worth it.  Anti depressants do not work, the pain is still there, I just don't care about it so much.  Exercise sometimes works but only for brief moments while the exercise is in progress. Once, when I believed that I could possibly have cancer (it tu

De Clutter like a Fiend

Take a look at this: Yup, photographs, hundreds of them!  Just about anyone who grew up pre digital photography will have a pile of piccys very similar to this... We have carted them around with us every time we moved house.    We have some in albums that go back to the 1950's - inherited memories really.  These we kept because they are history and although we don't remember the people in the photographs - they are related to us and we remember elderly family members talking about them. They are now sorted into two boxes.  The 'keep' box and the 'bin' box.  Difficult decisions were made, but I thought I would share my formula for sorting them out. Firstly : allow yourself plenty of time to tackle this, especially if you are doing it in conjunction with a friend.  Photographs provoke memories both happy and sad and a great deal of laughter too - this dilly dally down memory lane is not going to be quick. Secondly: Keepsake items like bus


Did I think I was stressed before?  Well, that was nothing.  Yes I've read somewhere that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do.  I've moved house loads of times before, seriously I have, hubby was in the RAF (in another life) and we had move after move after move.  In fact at one stage we did 4 moves in three years - piece of cake.  Everything well organised and just like a military machine, children, cats, furniture and cleaning the house to 'march out' standard, no problem.  But this!!!!  Blimey, I must be getting very old or something... Can I share?  Well, I'm going to... this is just a rant by the way, the need to deflate before I explode is just too strong.  One of the many issues is the cats.  We already explored the 'I won't leave them behind' option, or rather we didn't explore it because it is a non starter.  I sold stuff on ebay to pay for their passports and jabs and micro chipping etc.    I co

Oh NO! and then... Phew....

I had a strange dream.  It was hardly a dream at all in fact.  I simply had a ten second 'thing' during the night when I imagined that they had taken down the SOLD sign outside our house and replaced it with a FOR SALE sign.  when I woke up in the morning I asked hubby if the sign was still there.  Yep it was ok.  I laughed... We heard from the solicitor - he requested a copy of the last boiler inspection - and that would be that... the contract all ready to be passed over to the buyers solicitor.  And then... cue suspense music... The roller coaster crested the rise and plummeted earthward on the downward slope.  A phone call from the estate agent.  The people buying our house have lost the buyer of their house who had lost the buyer of their house.  Not their fault, very sorry, not in a position to continue with the purchase!  Market very slow at the moment, perhaps it's the Easter holidays blah blah blah. Square One?  No, not exactly.  Spooky premonition or wha

Oh Dear!

Did you ever think everything was going just too swimmingly?  Our rental property in Spain has fallen through.  Boo Hoo. It seems that the owners of the property would prefer to put it on the market to sell and now do not want the hassle of a tenant, albeit a short term one.  So we are back to square one. Our agent in Spain is unperturbed by this turn of events (I wish I could say the same) and assures us that there will be another one, in the same village, at around about the same price.  But it's Holy Week in Spain and not much happens business wise for the entire week.  In the meantime I have booked some removals firms to come and look at all my 'stuff' and to quote us for transporting it all to ? wherever we will be!  Our house sale moves along...s-l-o-w-l-y  and all my good intentions about keeping up to date with housework have fallen by the wayside somewhat.  No, it's not quite dirty, but it's not looking like a show house any more. Hubby is out eve