After accepting an offer on the house (you may note that it has changed from 'our home' to 'the house') the people who wish to buy it requested to meet us in an effort to discuss all the details of time scale, what is and isn't being left, and several questions on topics such as the water pressure upstairs, the age of the boiler, who built the extension and... how we deal with heat or cold in the conservatory and other little niggles that would otherwise have kept them up all night.  It went well enough...

 My desire is to move quickly now.  I am all for getting on with a job and getting it finished as soon as possible.  I don't like loose ends and I don't like to dilly dally about.  It seems the rest of the world is not like that.  Having assured us that completion is possible in six weeks our solicitor now tells us it is much more likely to be 8 to 10.  Absolutely NOT I respond... I have concerns of my own and in order for them to be addressed I need to be out of here on or around about the 1st June.  You've got 8 weeks guys!!

Let me tell you a bit about what is happening on June 1st.  We will be taking on a rental property just a few miles from the city of Zafra in South West Spain, in the Provence of Extremadura.  Our agent in Spain sent us photographs and a description.  It is a two bedroom villa in an enclosed garden with a small swimming pool (quite a novelty for me!!) in a tiny hamlet of only a few houses.  Not the prettiest of houses but since this is a temporary home that is of little concern.


The road outside is very quiet (essential for my cats who are not used to traffic) with mostly agricultural vehicles passing and it is within walking distance of a hotel/spa with thermal baths and a very good wine merchant (whoo hoo!).  The nearest shops are a short drive away.

Now the 'short drive away' is causing me a little concern.  I have never driven on the right hand side of the road.  I am assured that in a left hand drive car it will just come naturally.  I am in fact extremely worried that it does not!  The plan is that hubby drives to Spain with the new car and the dog while I arrive a couple of days later by plane with the cats.  Our furniture should be timed to arrive on the same day as me and the cats.

Once installed in the little house, hubby has to sit beside me while I drive to the shops.  I need to learn the route to the supermarket, the route to the venue where the free Spanish lessons are held (yep I said free!) and perhaps the route to a village where they have a regular market.  I will only deviate from the route slowly and carefully at my own pace.  But being a worrier I have latched on to the fear that I won't be able to do it as it's the only thing left to worry about, and the worry has brought about the return of my tension headaches.  In my experience the only way to stop the headaches is to remove the worry and the only way that will happen is to drive on the right hand side of the road every day for a week or until I feel comfortable with it.  Now that isn't going to happen until we get there.  You can see that I am anxious to get it over with.

It has become apparent that something so little as my nagging worry about the driving could have, if I weren't aware of it's cause, put me off moving altogether.  In other words something very small and definitely 'sortable' could, if I let it, stop me going for my dream.  And I think that is the same for most of us.  We see something that makes us sigh and say 'I would love that' but in the reality we pull back  believing that actually it is not something we really want... when in fact it might just be a tiny fear that is blown out of proportion that is holding us back.

Naturally I feel a bit at sea at the moment.  It's all about change and the unknown future and the possibility of scary things (like driving on the right) and the tension headaches are really so much more painful than their name would suggest.  So I am trying to stick to the plan... one step at a time... one thing done and now on to the next.  A good supply of paracetamol and a CD of Paul McKenna's Instant Confidence are my current crutches... I will keep you posted as events unfold.


  1. You will be fine driving on the other side but it will be harder if you are using a right hand side drive car..I usually rent a car in the UK (live in the US) and do fine - motorways or back roads) even as a 60 something!
    Good luck on your move- so exciting! And NO- I would not leave any of my animals either...they are FAMILY...


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