Focus on What Makes You Feel Happy

I came across this, which is much more articulate than I am, but expresses my feelings completely on the subject of work, the Western Developed World and the uneasy relationship that I have with it.

I think part of our move to Spain is directly connected to this.  I could not see how I could make fundamental changes while living here but moving to a place where the culture is much more family orientated and where people value having a good time and relaxation as essential to your health as much as eating and breathing are, would seem to be the only way forward.  

Life is just too fast here.  Is this a symptom of my age?  Perhaps so.  Wouldn't it be nice though, if everyone could just follow the advice in that article.   

Work less, grow more food, contribute to your community, take care of your friends and relatives and buy less consumer goods that you don't really want anyway. Focus on what makes you feel happy, not what makes you look good.


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