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Focus on What Makes You Feel Happy

I came across this, which is much more articulate than I am, but expresses my feelings completely on the subject of work, the Western Developed World and the uneasy relationship that I have with it. I think part of our move to Spain is directly connected to this.  I could not see how I could make fundamental changes while living here but moving to a place where the culture is much more family orientated and where people value having a good time and relaxation as essential to your health as much as eating and breathing are, would seem to be the only way forward.   Life is just too fast here.  Is this a symptom of my age?  Perhaps so.  Wouldn't it be nice though, if everyone could just follow the advice in that article.    Work less, grow more food, contribute to your community, take care of your friends and relatives and buy less consumer goods that you don't really want anyway. Focus on what makes you feel happy, not what makes you look good.


After accepting an offer on the house (you may note that it has changed from 'our home' to 'the house') the people who wish to buy it requested to meet us in an effort to discuss all the details of time scale, what is and isn't being left, and several questions on topics such as the water pressure upstairs, the age of the boiler, who built the extension and... how we deal with heat or cold in the conservatory and other little niggles that would otherwise have kept them up all night.  It went well enough...  My desire is to move quickly now.  I am all for getting on with a job and getting it finished as soon as possible.  I don't like loose ends and I don't like to dilly dally about.  It seems the rest of the world is not like that.  Having assured us that completion is possible in six weeks our solicitor now tells us it is much more likely to be 8 to 10.  Absolutely NOT I respond... I have concerns of my own and in order for them to be addressed I need

Yee Ha!

Well that's It! We have accepted an offer on our home and have made an offer on the property we like in Spain. Exciting?   Scary? Now it begins in earnest. I would love to tell you more about where we want to be in Spain but until it is ours I am going to keep it very much under wraps.  I hope you will understand.  So for now, just to let you know what is going on, I'm going to share some of the Nitty Gritty. The Cats and the Dog. Our lovely Fergus already has his passport and all his jabs up to date so he is pretty much ready to go.  The cats did not have passports and leaving them behind was not an option (would you leave your children behind?) .  We started on them about a month ago, longer in fact, since to get each cat up to date with jabs and micro chipped etc is costing around £200 each cat.    So it began with my selling stuff on Ebay to raise the money.  And included waiting for zero insertion fee days to save every single penny.  It worked.  To date

Teepee or Teepee

that is the question? As part of our Spanish adventure we planned to offer a little Eco Camping for tourists.  Nothing huge you understand.  Not Eurocamp or anything like that.  Just three tents of some description and a communal composting loo and solar shower and communal outdoor kitchen.  All nestled in among the cork oaks and wild olives.  Perhaps not this primitive! This little project would allow us to have large numbers of our friends and family visit at the same time (summer camp for grand children etc..)  Initially I wanted Yurts. Then I wanted  teepees.  Maybe only three in total.  But how many of each?  Two yurts and a teepee?  Or two teepee's and a yurt?  A five metre yurt gives more space inside than a five and a half metre teepee simply because of the slope of the teepee roof.  But the teepee is very romantic.  Well perhaps only to my generation brought up on the Peter Pan stories. The yurt feels more permanent but is more expensive than the teepee but

Reality vs The Internet

We arrived back from Spain late on Thursday evening after a gruelling four days of travel and house viewing.  We expected it to be exhausting but I don't think we appreciated just how emotionally tiring it would be. We decided that since we had never visited the Extremadura area of Spain before we would view this trip as getting to know the area, the north of the region is very different from the south, and not expecting to find our dream property.  In fact, what we thought was our dream property which we had viewed on the website had sold just two days before we arrived in Spain, that put the dampers on our trip a little bit.   After viewing the first property and being completely disheartened by how far 'off the mark' it was we began to doubt everything we had seen on the internet.  Photographs do not lie, but boy they can be misleading!  The descriptions we had read were also not telling lies but either our enthusiasm got the better of us and we simply did not regi