It's a Game!

This house selling lark has certainly made me houseproud.  But it's very hard - staying tidy does not come naturally to us, but we must be doing something right because we have had an offer on the house.  Firstly we have had about 8 viewings in just a week - that's very good - and one couple came back for a second viewing.  That's really good.  And then.... they made an offer of £20,000 UNDER the guide price.  I was astonished, and to make me feel better the estate agent said ' oh don't worry about it too much, they don't really expect you to accept, it's just a game'. 

What a complete waste of time this game is!  If our house was priced at half a mill then I might understand an offer of 20k less, but it isn't anywhere near those kind of prices.  Yes we know that it needs work, all the rooms need decorating and some of the windows need replacing and the back door too, but we felt that the guide price reflected the condition of the house.  Of course we understand that for everyone to feel good we have to give a little, and we had every intention of coming down a bit, that way the buyer feels like they have got a little bargain (which makes them feel good) and we feel that we got a fair price for our home (which makes us feel good).  That's a win win situation.

But instead we are in a pointless stupid game where they will wait a few days then make us a slightly higher offer which we then have to reject once again - but of course not until we have waited a few days to give them time to dream about where their furniture is going to go in our house - yes we do know how to play this game but we really don't want to be a part of this kind of nonsense at all.

Why can't they simply say ' what is your absolute best price on the house?'  We would be honest and tell them, and if they can't afford it then they must walk away.  I have tried to explain my thoughts on this to the Estate Agent.  He thinks I'm mad, or stupid, or both.  I feel a little sullied by the process so far.

But we are also celebrating.  Hubby has secured some consultancy work on a self employed basis.  There is, therefore, no great rush to be gone.  We will have enough money coming in to keep the wolf from the door.  It just means that when we do get a sensible offer for the house I shall be moving over to Spain first on my own (oooh er...) and hubby will follow shortly after when his contract ends.  One thing is for sure, we shall NOT be playing this STUPID game in Spain when searching for a house to buy.... are we wrong?
EVERYONE seems to think we are.  House prices are very very low in Spain at the moment and few people are taking advantage of it, after all there is a recession and most folk are simply doing their best to keep a roof over their heads here.  We have been advised to offer ridiculously low amounts on some of the properties we are considering, with the knowledge that the people selling are really in a bind, house on the market for more than a year and desperate to get rid of it, we could get a real gem for a lot less than it's worth.  But should we do that?  I'm afraid I couldn't live with myself if I took advantage of someone in that way.  Most of the properties have reduced in price several times already.  We have a budget, we shall ask the owners if they can come down in price and by how much? (usually most people already have a minimum figure in mind that they will accept) and then we shall proceed. 

And I know this is not perhaps very business like, but it's good for my karma, and I get all the rewards in the end... wait and see.


  1. I couldn't agree more, the way house buying and selling is done in this country is dreadful. In my opinion it needs a complete overhaul and it seems designed to make as many other people as much money as possible what with solicitors, estate agents and stupid things like £50 for the energy efficiency test. Of course, all these people that do make money off the back of house sellers don't want the system changed at all!

  2. Houses in the village have kept their value well ... unlike the rest of the UK. This thinking is what informs your unrealistic buyers. Listen to your estate agent if he knows the local market.


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