Goodbye Girls and Thank you Very Much

My lovely ladies are off to a new home tomorrow.

I was beginning to think that I would be making some large pots of chicken soup before we head off to Spain.  But they deserved a chance so I advertised in our local post office hoping to find a home for at least two or three of them.  I have nine altogether and I thought it would be a tall order to find them all new homes, especially as they don't all lay and I don't know which ones do and which ones do not!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, a very kind gentleman in our village has offerred to take them ALL.  He used to have a flock of twenty but is down to five very old girls now and he was quite happy to add my nine to his.   I asked if I could keep them for a little while longer and he was happy for me to do that too. 

I will definitely miss them.  It will be strange not to look out the kitchen window and see them darting around the hen enclosure.  Somehow they brought the garden to life and I could spend hours just watching them.  Hey ho.  I shall have new hens in Spain.

On the topic of Spain.  We have booked a flight over on the 5th March to take a look at a few properties for sale that match our wish list.  Or very nearly match our wish list, or could possibly be made to match our wish list.  Its a four day trip with a HUGE amount of driving involved... the area we want to check out is quite large.  But until we have a real idea of what we can get for our money we don't know how much we can knock off the price of our house here.

The viewers continue at around four or five a week with some viewers coming back to view again and one even viewed three times!  And we have had offers, several.  The best one was 12k below the guide price and we were very tempted but it would be silly to make a rash decision.  So our trip will help put everything in perspective.  I suspect that we shall take on a Spanish rental property first for maybe only 3 months while we complete the sale but that is still a conversation we have to have with our agents in Spain.  The internet is a wonderful thing but nothing beats actually being on the ground and seeing for yourself.

OK... all this sounds very positive doesn't it.  What I haven't mentioned is the emotions that have gone along with all this activity.  Firstly there is the whole thing about letting strangers walk around your home and decide if they like it enough to make an offer on it - and the feelings that arise when the offer is not what you expect!  Then there is the excitement about a new life that is ever so slightly tinged with anxiety about the future.  Especially since for the first few months of this new life I am likely to be in Spain on my own.  On top of this there is the worry about not speaking Spanish - and even a crash course now would hardly make a difference to the process of buying a house there... after all, I am unlikely to learn enough Spanish in a few weeks to be able to keep tabs on a Spanish lawyer and make sure he's doing his job properly!  The horror stories we all heard on the tv over the past few years about people's dream villas in Spain being demolished etc... lurks in the back of the mind.

To counter that one I have to remind myself that there are millions of Brits living in Spain and most of them have managed to navigate through the labyrinthe of Spanish beaurocracy without too much hassle and are now living perfectly happily in the sun.  Also most of the horror stories are on the Costa's which is definitely not where we want to be.  The saviour of my sanity is to simply take everything one step at a time.  Tomorrow the hens, then off to Spain to view houses, then back home to hopefully negotiate the sale of our home and then the cats get their last lot of vaccinations before being issued with a passport.... then.... well it gets a little vague after this.  There are a number of things on the list but which will come first and which last I am a little unsure... but I trust... yes that's it... I trust it will all work out in the end.  It usually does.


  1. I'm so pleased you have started posting again, just found you via somewhere else, I flit around the blogs all the time. So, big changes in your life, that breathing space seems to have focused you on what you really want. I'd better put you back into my favourites, because I want to read all about your big move and other adventures. Toodle pip.
    PS. Some of us have dumped the word verification thingy because we cant read the words.

    1. Hiya Ilona, nice to hear from you. So glad that you are following my adventure, I continue to follow yours!


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