Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Latest Craze

No 1 son came home to visit today and brought with him his latest toy.  So Billy Steve challenged him for a race.......

Well not really a race... the hand bike is really hard going on hills.  On a normal bike you use your leg muscles and can even stand up to add your weight to the effort.

On the hand bike you have only your arm muscles and this is the first time no 1 son has given it a go outside.  He has a stand to put the wheel on in the house so that he can use it to exercise his arms, which are looking quite beefy I can tell you.

The goal is a tryout in a couple of weeks time for a race that will happen in the summer.  No 1 son is hopeful of getting picked for the team... if he makes the grade I will let you know.

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