The Pie's the Limit!

I am currently working on hot water pastry for making pork pies and the like.  I have visions of a wonderful veal and ham or game pie for summer tea time or picnics.  It all goes with the vintage tablecloth and the china tea cup and saucer - and of course if we are talking vintage tea time (or evening meal as it was in our house when I was a girl) then the pie has to be accompanied by limp lettuce a couple of tomato slices some salad cream and a few chips!  Nostalgia is a wonderful thing eh?

Well, my aged father is arriving in about three weeks and he will be celebrating his birthday (he will be 88) with us.  We have planned a 1920's themed picnic and I have been practising pork pie making.

Ta da........

Well I have to own up that the pastry was not a total success.  It was too thick in places making it soggy inside and too thin in other places allowing the jelly to run out when I poured it in. 

Perserverance and the refridgerator helped with that.  I used a simple sausage meat from the butcher rather than veal or ham, since this was my first attempt I did not want to risk a more expensive cut of meat. 

I made the aspic from a pigs trotter (mmm I know... sounds a bit yuk but tasted ok), it set in the fridge but became liquid again at room temperature so I think a little aspic powder or gelatine will be required for my next attempt.

Along with the pork pie practice I have been devising 1920's costumes to wear and also trying to sort out where everyone will be sleeping (I have my daughter, son in law and grand daughter visiting at the same time) so you can imagine I have been kept pretty much flat out busy this last couple of weeks.  And likely to get busier as the month goes on.  So if you don't hear from me for a bit please do keep checking back... I'll get around to posting eventually... I usually do.


  1. That is one mighty fine looking pie right there. Surprise Pie too with an egg in the middle, do you do orders?

  2. The pastry looks scrumptious, can I order a non meat one please :0)

  3. Wow, if that tastes as good as it look........

  4. Mmmmm! Pie!

    Hope the sun shines for the picnic. Don't forget to take the wind up gramophone...

  5. That pie is so so beautiful.


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