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I have to say...

I am so proud I could burst... Well done Billy Christina - Double First!!!!  Whoop Whoop!


It's too late now to go back on my plans for the 1920's picnic but I am realising that I have set myself rather a large challenge.  I wanted everything to be very much like when my father was a young lad... and I decided early on that I wouldn't buy 'crap' ready made picnic food from the supermarket, but I would make it myself.  I am always banging on to people about how much better home made food tastes anyway, so most of the people coming would be very disappointed to be presented with bought sausage rolls etc... ...anyway... I find myself with very little time (so why am I on here?) and soooo much to do.  One of the easiest jobs is making mustard.... Take a teacupful of yellow mustard seeds and a teacupful of black mustards seeds and soak them overnight in as much beer as will cover them (I used home made elderberry wine this time instead of beer).  the following day, you strain them and add a little salt and 6fluid oz o f cider vinegar and 6 tablespoons of

The Pie's the Limit!

I am currently working on hot water pastry for making pork pies and the like.  I have visions of a wonderful veal and ham or game pie for summer tea time or picnics.  It all goes with the vintage tablecloth and the china tea cup and saucer - and of course if we are talking vintage tea time (or evening meal as it was in our house when I was a girl) then the pie has to be accompanied by limp lettuce a couple of tomato slices some salad cream and a few chips!  Nostalgia is a wonderful thing eh? Well, my aged father is arriving in about three weeks and he will be celebrating his birthday (he will be 88) with us.  We have planned a 1920's themed picnic and I have been practising pork pie making. Ta da........ Well I have to own up that the pastry was not a total success.  It was too thick in places making it soggy inside and too thin in other places allowing the jelly to run out when I poured it in.  Perserverance and the refridgerator helped with that.  I used a simple sausag