I Hate!!!

What?  What do I hate?

Nope... not the telly or the computer or the dvd player or the stereo or the Wii or the Xbox or the Freeview box or the Kennect... then what?


and THIS

and THIS

Oh and the dust that collects in and around it all and the fact that everytime I hoover or dust it, some of the blasted wires fall out or become loose and when I finally sit down with a cuppa to watch tv or play a game... nothing... nada... rien...

And do I know where all the bloody wires are supposed to be plugged in?  

C'mon you scientific boffins... lets have wireless electricity, yes I do understand the drawbacks but seriously guys... I've had it with the spaghetti at the back of my appliances. 


  1. Nikola Tesla came up with wireless electricity a century ago. Presumably it wasn't a marketable commodity then but the ground work is done.

    You know you could just get rid of it all and not have to worry about the cleaning at all then, you could put a nice Singer sewing machine in its place!

    I hate the need to have a degree in electronics to get the dvd to talk to the telly these days.

  2. ha ha.. yes you have a point and I'd give it all up in a minute - except I live with three other people who would not... Marrying the Techno with the HillBilly is not easy.

  3. Oh lordy! It's the cable management issue.

    Unfortunately, there's no easy or sensible solution.

    As far as the "Oh No! One of the wires has dropped out- I wonder where it goes" problem is concerned, the simplest, albeit tedious, solution is to do a nice big drawing that maps where all the cables go so that if they fall off or you want to unplug the whole lot and get the vacuum cleaner in, you can put it back together exactly how it was.

    If you've got several identical looking cables, you can differentiate between them by putting a marker at the ends of each cable. Something as simple as a blob of Tippex will work, but I tend to use coloured zip-ties.
    This technique also helps with my stage equipment where identical cables hunt in packs!


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