Last year I grew tons of beetroot.  In fact I was totally sick of the stuff by the end of summer.  I really love it when it is young and sweet, boiled until tender and served with a white sauce (which turns pink as you eat it)... very yummy.  But you can't eat the same vegetable every day, served in the same way.

I made wine with the beetroot water - and I have to admit that it has been relegated to cooking wine, we are not that experienced in the brewing department (yet!).

I pickled some - and it's still going strong.

...and I cooked some, removed the skins, and then popped them into the freezer where I forgot about them for ages and ages.

I guess there is a shelf life even on frozen foods but hey ho... rather than waste them I defrosted a couple of bags.  They did not look especially enticing.

So.... looking for inventive ways to serve them up... I made this....

Cold beetroot soup.  Seriously this is great!  I whizzed up the beetroot with a couple of dollops of sour cream.  I added about half as much again of vegetable stock and then put it in the fridge to chill.  When totally cold I served it with a dollop of sour cream, some peppery watercress and a sprinkling of black pepper.  All that was missing was the hot summer weather that a cold soup requires but I am sure it will turn up eventually... it is still only May (just).

Now I am wondering why I havent planted any beetroot this year... well not yet anyway, still time.


  1. Very inventive, I like experimental food. I used up all my beetroot seeds last year and had a good crop. Haven't bought any seeds this year and have just sown loads of peas and beans, left over from last year. Ilona

  2. Betroot can be added in a chocolate cake, look up a recipe somewhere. It tastes amazing and you can't tell it is a beetroot.

    For tricky children it is a great way of getting some much needed vitamins into kids!

    I love betroot I would have no trouble eating it everyday, you can press it for juice. Slice it very thinly and roast it for tasty betroot crisps.

    Mmmm red red goodness.

  3. Beetroot cake is something I made a lot of last year. I loved it, very moist and sticky - great with cream, alas not everyone in the family agreed with me! I like the sound of the beetroot crisps, I have never tried that. Mmmm. Now, where are those beetroot seeds?


    Saw thhis and thought of you.

  5. thank you Lorna... by the time I tried to look it up... it had gone... but it's the thought that counts! lol!


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