The Wedding Dress of the Year!

Yes, we have already established that I am a Roundhead not a Cavalier, but in the interests of fashion and wedding dresses in particular, I am now going to reveal THE dress.  Somewhere a seamstress or small group of seamstresses (and maybe seamsters too... if we are being pc about it) have been sewing and sewing a very special dress.  I too have been sewing a very special dress.  A bridal gown for Kisska.

In February I took the experimental double headed, topsy turvy doll I made up to Scotland as a gift for my neice.  I wasn't sure if she was a very modern little girl who might not appreciate an old fashioned dolly, but as it turned out she was quite captivated by the doll and she requested that I make a change of clothes for her - she also named the doll Kisska (because apparently the doll likes to kiss people).

I agreed to make a couple of new dresses and then returned home and almost forgot about my promise.  About a week ago I suddenly remembered that a little girl was waiting patiently for these new clothes and so telephoned to say that I had begun.

Looking at my stash of fabrics unearthed the remains of a wedding dress purchased on ebay some years ago for a costuming event.  Aha, I thought, this will be topical.  While I sewed the awful fabric that frayed constantly I mused on the possibility that someone else was also bent over a wedding gown cursing and worrying about how it would look when it was finished.

My job was, I think, made more difficult by the fact that the bride is not here to try it on.

I can only cross my fingers that it will fit correctly (it should, but there is always that little niggling doubt).  That it will be robust enough to cope with the rigours of not one wedding day but in all likelihood several.

And on the other side of the dress?  Being a good Scottish lass, Kisska's going away outfit is a fetching tartan number. 

Do I think Kate's gown will resemble Kisska's in any way shape or form?  No, probably not.  And while we are speculating (OK, while I am speculating)  My guess would be something medieval-inspired to go with the beautiful trees I saw being transported into Westminster Abbey (and looking sovery good against the back drop of the medieval rood screen).  In ivory silk with silver embroidery - just a touch - with a reversable train (15 feet or so long)... turning from a simple plain side on the way up the aisle, to a magnificently silver embroidered side on the way down.  Flipped over while signing the register of course.  Sigh.  Well, that's the way I'd do it anyway.

Now I must go write a letter to Kisska and pack the dress in tissue paper ready for posting.  I wonder if someone else is packing up a wedding dress right about now?


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