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Ah the joys of the modern world.  One of the best being The Internet.  Way back in the good old days when I first opened my hotmail account I used a very fluffy simple dictionary word as my password.  I've kept the same password ever since (yes I know, I know).  I only use the hotmail account for chatting with friends, for receiving emails from the various groups that I subscribe to and I have a rule of never writing anything in an email that I wouldn't be happy for the entire world to read.

I keep other accounts with some really long passwords that include numbers for doing more serious stuff on the internet such as banking and buying stuff.  I shall be changing my hotmail password for something a little more challenging very soon - once the hotmail people have unfrozen the account and let me back in.

Well..... you know what's coming don't you!  All of my friends and distant friends and relatives and all the members of the various groups that I belong to received an email from me this morning, telling them I was in Belfast and had had my passport and wallet stolen and needed a thousand pounds urgently.  The email actually originates from Lagos in Nigeria (funny old thing) even though it was sent from me...

What gets me is that even though these people are smart enough to hack into my account, change my password (without me getting an notification email to say they have done so) they make really dumb mistakes such as putting this in the email...

The Embassy only cleared me of my traveling documents and ticketing since I came in on unofficial purposes. 

The embassy?  In Belfast which happens to be part of the UK!  One of my friends responded to the email and was then sent a UK mobile phone number to call... WHAT???  Are they then going to pretend to be me?  To someone who knows me really well????

So....... Here you go everyone... this is the mobile phone number they sent...


If anyone wants to call them and yank their chain... be my guest...


  1. Ah yes, I know these well.
    I win some lottery in some country on a weekly basis apparently. IN the last years I have lost more rich obscure relatives in foreign climes than it is possible for one person to have, I have recieved a handful of marriage proposals from various Eastern Bloc ladies who despite having never met me, assure me they are the one for me.
    Most worryingly though recently in what appears to have been a genuine mistake on the part of the sender, I was copied in on the details of a fairly high brow house deal, that one I responded to so they were aware of the mistake.

    To me a fool and their money is all I can say. If people are taken in by these things then I have scant sympathy for them. My attitude is to discard anything that sounds too good to be true especially when it originates from another country and is poorly written in English. If anything then looks like it may be genuine, google search for it, generally there are plenty of sites that mention whether these things are fake or not before I need to worry about it. I never use the links in emails either, if I suspect it is fake. Open a new window and type the address in, it is very easy to make a hyperlink say one thing and go somewhere else.

    Gmail is really good at sniffing this stuff out anyway.


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