I'm a Fan Of...

The Gotan Project......... (click to see them on Jules Holland's show)

It's all very 'sleazy bar in a hot steamy country'..... You may know them from the music played in the current Volvo advert on tv.... Pretty cool video though!

The word Gotan is a Spanish play on words where you take the end of the word and place it at the beginning, making this The Tango Project.... and for those who, like me, LOVE Argentinian Tango here is Antonio Banderas (who never looked so good in my opinion).... dancing - annoyingly the video has been slowed down or 'jumps'  but is still in time with the music, very artistic, but doesn't do it for dance lovers... but then again maybe it hides the fact that Antonio is not the best of dancers. Says I (lol!)

..It's all very inspiring but lessons and lots of practice would be required and maybe that's just a little too much effort ... perhaps I should just enjoy watching.

......and talking of watching the tango... Billy Steve and I are treating ourselves to a night at the theatre next week.  We are off to see Vincent and Flavia's Midnight Tango tour.  I am expecting it to be fabulous! 


  1. Very atmospheric music. Such a curious blend of style and technology.

    (I'd give my left leg to be able to dance the tango)


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