I Need a Hand...

Or rather a finger.

Some while ago (months) I started thinking that I was getting arthritus.  I had a terrible pain in the knuckle joint of my left hand index finger.  It persisted and persisted but finally started to go away, only giving me trouble if I really exerted my finger.  I was relieved I can tell you, arthritus would put paid to a lot of the crafty things that I do and I was really quite concerned. 

Anyway... to cut a long story short, on Friday when I was trying to take a heavy box out of another box using only my fingers to pull it... something very painful happened to my knuckle.  I am not sure exactly what I did, I thought perhaps I twisted it.  Well I strapped it to stop it bending, it hurt most when I bent it, and put up with it all weekend.

This morning I took the bandage off and was quite concerned that I could not bend my finger at all.  OK says I, perhaps I broke it.  And if it is broken then I need to make sure I am setting it in the right position.  So it was off to A&E.

The waiting time said three hours thirty minutes but in fact I was seen quite quickly and an x-ray made everything clear.  A tiny fracture - maybe only an eighth of an inch long... in fact it was pathetic, considering the amount of pain it is giving me, I had hoped for a more dramatic break.

What to do about it?  Nothing it seems.  I was given some stuff to strap it up should I feel the need and told to use it as much as possible to stop it seizing up... apparently the swelling could take some time to go down and that is what is stopping me bending it. 

It's all very annoying. I keep bashing it on stuff... you have no idea how much your hands get knocked about in the normal course of a days goings on.  I certainly will not be able to knit or crochet for some time.... just when I have the urge to knit a pair of white cotton ankle socks for the summer.  Boo.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that, hope you start to feel better soon x

  2. Ouch!

    Perhaps you can use this as an excuse for avoiding doing the washing-up?

  3. well, ouch! may you be ever so quick to mend!

  4. Avoiding the washing up is a good thing... but not being able to dig at the allotment will be disastrous... its raining today but I intend to strap the finger up and start digging tomorrow when, according to forecast (and the song), the sun will come out!

  5. I broke two toes many years ago and the amount of aggro they gave me was unbelievable. There was absolutely nothing I could do to stop them moving no matter how silly my walk got, and we are talking full sponsorship here with possibilities of a research grant.

    I've also dislocated most of my fingers from time to time so sympathies from me!

  6. Oh dear, that's terrible. Hope you mend soon.


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