Bloody Royal Wedding Crap!!!!!

OK... it's a Royal Wedding and I can see that folk would be interested... to a point.

Of course I am curious about the dress, after all, I consider myself a bit of a dressmaker and interested in WOW gowns, so yes I am curious about the dress and I would watch it on the news to see what she looks like on the day, but not all bloody day!

For Goodness Sake!!  At the risk of losing followers or receiving hate mail (do I care????) I am going to say my bit... which is what blogging is all about after all.

I blame her mother!  The second Kate said 'mum I met this guy at uni....' her mother should have nipped it in the bud instantly.  Who on earth would wish that dysfunctional family on one of their children?  How is it possible for an ordinary person to be able to integrate into the Royal Family?  The poor girl is doomed.  Oh yes it's all happy happy now, but just wait until the press get fed up and decide to start digging around her relatives for juicy gossipy stories to tell.  And doesn't every family have a little skeleton tucked away somewhere?  The Royal Family have loads and some of them are whoppers!!!  I wouldn't want mine discussed by every tom dick and 'arry in the chip shop!

I would happily do away with the entire Royal Family and replace it wth a presidency.  Oh no says a huge proportion of the population... we love the royal family... but of course we would rather not have Prince Charles as a King.  Well TOUGH!!! Because with a monarchy you don't get to choose your monarch.  If you want to choose who gets to be King or not you might as well vote for a president!


I promise I will be back to normal after this entire charade is over with.


  1. I'm with you on the 'ick' for the wedding fever. That day is my birthday and there will not be any of it in this house. I am not interested in the wedding of a privileged couple.

  2. I fully agree, I am not a Royalist at all and would happily see the dismantling of the Monarchy. Yes they bring millions of pounds into the country but how much of that percolates as far north as Leeds? They are a curious throwback to a bygone age and as much of the Great Empire has decided, completely unnecessary.

    I am going to be sick of it also by the time it is done, despite that though I am going to a Royal Wedding Party, but it is kind of an ironic one so that is ok.

    I'm certainly not for leaving.

  3. There is a lot of Royal Wedding crap out there. I was puzzling over hand bells printed with the Happy Couples faces today - I mean, handbells? Why? Do people really buy this kind of tat?

    I have little interest in the Royal Family or this wedding, luckily we don't have to go to any parties - ironic or not :o)

    Still, I send them good thoughts and hope that their marriage is a good one - I wouldn't want to live either of their lives.

  4. Wonderful blog, sooooo agree, get rid of the lot. We are in severe financial do do in this country, the private homes and contents belonging to the royals would sell for millions which could be spent on hospitals, the sick, infirm and disabled.

  5. Sick to death of it too. On the day we plan to break out the dvds and have a home made pizza and ice cream fest so we don't actually have to see any of the interminable hours of wedding coverage paid for by our licence fee. Agree with you about getting rid of the lot of them.
    And how can the country afford this show when we're in a recession...oh, that's right, the cost comes from all the cutbacks to vital services. Sorry...just had to vent.

  6. I agree with you too. I did watch a good programme last night on BBC 4 about Charles and Di's wedding. Brought back loads of memories.


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