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The Wedding Dress of the Year!

Yes, we have already established that I am a Roundhead not a Cavalier, but in the interests of fashion and wedding dresses in particular, I am now going to reveal THE dress.  Somewhere a seamstress or small group of seamstresses (and maybe seamsters too... if we are being pc about it) have been sewing and sewing a very special dress.  I too have been sewing a very special dress.  A bridal gown for Kisska . In February I took the experimental double headed, topsy turvy doll I made up to Scotland as a gift for my neice.  I wasn't sure if she was a very modern little girl who might not appreciate an old fashioned dolly, but as it turned out she was quite captivated by the doll and she requested that I make a change of clothes for her - she also named the doll Kisska (because apparently the doll likes to kiss people). I agreed to make a couple of new dresses and then returned home and almost forgot about my promise.  About a week ago I suddenly remembered that a little girl was

Bloody Royal Wedding Crap!!!!!

OK... it's a Royal Wedding and I can see that folk would be interested... to a point. Of course I am curious about the dress, after all, I consider myself a bit of a dressmaker and interested in WOW gowns, so yes I am curious about the dress and I would watch it on the news to see what she looks like on the day, but not all bloody day! For Goodness Sake!!  At the risk of losing followers or receiving hate mail (do I care????) I am going to say my bit... which is what blogging is all about after all. I blame her mother!  The second Kate said 'mum I met this guy at uni....' her mother should have nipped it in the bud instantly.  Who on earth would wish that dysfunctional family on one of their children?  How is it possible for an ordinary person to be able to integrate into the Royal Family?  The poor girl is doomed.  Oh yes it's all happy happy now, but just wait until the press get fed up and decide to start digging around her relatives for juicy gossipy stories

Send me Money!!

Ah the joys of the modern world.  One of the best being The Internet.  Way back in the good old days when I first opened my hotmail account I used a very fluffy simple dictionary word as my password.  I've kept the same password ever since (yes I know, I know).  I only use the hotmail account for chatting with friends, for receiving emails from the various groups that I subscribe to and I have a rule of never writing anything in an email that I wouldn't be happy for the entire world to read. I keep other accounts with some really long passwords that include numbers for doing more serious stuff on the internet such as banking and buying stuff.  I shall be changing my hotmail password for something a little more challenging very soon - once the hotmail people have unfrozen the account and let me back in. Well..... you know what's coming don't you!  All of my friends and distant friends and relatives and all the members of the various groups that I belong to received a

I'm a Fan Of...

The Gotan Project. ........ (click to see them on Jules Holland's show) It's all very 'sleazy bar in a hot steamy country'. .... You may know them from the music played in the current Volvo advert on tv.... Pretty cool video though! The word Gotan is a Spanish play on words where you take the end of the word and place it at the beginning, making this The Tango Project.... and for those who, like me, LOVE Argentinian Tango here is Antonio Banderas (who never looked so good in my opinion).... dancing - annoyingly the video has been slowed down or 'jumps'  but is still in time with the music, very artistic, but doesn't do it for dance lovers... but then again maybe it hides the fact that Antonio is not the best of dancers. Says I (lol!) ..It's all very inspiring but lessons and lots of practice would be required and maybe that's just a little too much effort ... perhaps I should just enjoy watching. ......and talking of watching the tango..

I Need a Hand...

Or rather a finger. Some while ago (months) I started thinking that I was getting arthritus.  I had a terrible pain in the knuckle joint of my left hand index finger.  It persisted and persisted but finally started to go away, only giving me trouble if I really exerted my finger.  I was relieved I can tell you, arthritus would put paid to a lot of the crafty things that I do and I was really quite concerned.  Anyway... to cut a long story short, on Friday when I was trying to take a heavy box out of another box using only my fingers to pull it... something very painful happened to my knuckle.  I am not sure exactly what I did, I thought perhaps I twisted it.  Well I strapped it to stop it bending, it hurt most when I bent it, and put up with it all weekend. This morning I took the bandage off and was quite concerned that I could not bend my finger at all.  OK says I, perhaps I broke it.  And if it is broken then I need to make sure I am setting it in the right position.  So it w