Spring has Sprung - I guess!

Well here I am back home again and up to my eyes in all the jobs that I should have been doing over the past two weeks.  I always seem to go away at the wrong time.  Last year it was Japan - and here I must say how sad I have found the recent upheavals in Japan and how much my daughter has cried when watching the footage, in particular because she was able to understand the Japanese being spoken. 

Spain was enormous fun.  Seeing the grand child as she grows is so fulfilling, and I don't even have to do the hard bits, that's down to her mum and dad (both of whom are turning out to be excellent parents... it's so lovely and I take lots of credit for the way the mum turned out anyway... ha ha!).

There were some great successes.....

And some dramatic failures.....

Getting to grips with a strange oven that requires the grill on at the same time...

The African Swifts arrived a day earlier than last year apparently, but then right on cue, the sun came out and we were eating al fresco in short sleeves.  The following day it returned to being bitterly cold as winter proved it wasn't quite finished with us yet.  Ironically in the UK it was lovely weather and I came home to a much warmer spring than I expected.  I have not yet visited the allotments... they are full of weeds I just know it.  The last of the leeks need to come up and the garlic needs to be weeded.  Potatoes are chitting in the garage but a lot of ground needs to be turned over before I can plant them so it is going to be a real busy time over the next couple of weeks.

Oh yes, I made some soap with friends in Spain.  Just click here to read all about it.

And what am I going to do with the last of the leeks from nthe allotment?

Leek and Cream Cheese Stuffing for Baked Potatoes

Lots of fresh leeks, washed clean and sliced thin.
1 packet of Philadelphia cream cheese (or equivalent)

Fry the leeks gently in butter until soft.  Add the cream cheese and stir until heated through.  Taste and season if required.  Pile into the centre  of a nice fluffy baked potato and enjoy.


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