Getting to grips with the list!

I am sure I am not alone in being the sort of person who has a long list of jobs to do - not urgent jobs, more in the line of projects waiting to happen.  Along with my determination to make more clothes to wear this year I have also resolved to clear out the piles of fabric in my sewing room and use them up productively or dump them.

I have made a start - a summer dress in denim which I am fairly pleased with.  It was a bit stiff so I washed it and then wore it for a day and it is softening up nicely.  By the end of the summer I expect it will feel very nice indeed.

And here is a project that was inspired by a visit to a local antique/vintage/junk shop.  It's the kind of place where you can see that they have taken a van over to France, bought up an entire Bricolage and then 'chic'ed' it all up before presenting it for sale with ribbons tied round it and exhorbitant price tags to match.

And there on a rickety wooden chair was a small blanket or throw made from squares of tweedy type fabric.  It was backed n a crisp white cotton and then folded and tied with a ribbon.  the price tag said £49 - it wasn't even single bed size.  I hot footed it home and dragged out all the suitable fabric I could find and began cutting squares.  et voila............

It is not perfect (it is single bed size) due to the constraints of working in a small area and that, combined with boredom resulted in a few errors.

It can't be called a quilt because not all the squares match up so I couldn't take a straight line to quilt it and I am soooo fed up of it I wouldn't even attempt to follow the existing seams with quilting stitches.

Because the backing fabric (a remnant from the days when my sole concern when choosing fabric was price not design) is only attached at the side seams I thought I had better anchor it in a few places.

I added a row of hand stitched crosses down the centre and then gave up altogether.  It will make a spare cover for a single bed or a put u up bed for visitors - and it is surprisingly warm too so will cut down on the amount of blanket required. 

And it did make a little dent in my stash of fabric.  

How do you catch a cat?  You leave a new, clean blanket folded up on the table and wait five minutes.

 Now, there will probably be no posting for a couple of weeks because on Saturday I am going to Spain to see my grand daughter, who is 9 months old already and cutting loads of teeth and giving her poor parents a hard time over it! 

Actually she is a very good baby but an extra pair of hands are always welcome when babies are little.  While I am there I shall be teaching friends of my daughter to make soap too, so I think I will be very busy indeed.  I promise to read all your blogs if I can.  See you all soon.


  1. You are very clever with your dressmaking. I used to make my own clothes when I was a teenager, no time now. I hope your trip goes well, 9 months has soon gone. Let us know all about it when you come back.


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