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I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted.  And it's a bad habit that is detrimental to my health so I am going to try and stop it. When I was in Spain I really missed the BBC News .  The Japan earthquake had just happened and I was really anxious to see all the gory pictures and film of the devastation (of course that's horrid but I was fascinated by it, c'mon admit it, everyone was glued to the footage when it was shown).  My daughter and son-in-law do not have UK tv - a personal choice - they listen to Radio 4 and watch the Spanish news. I made up my mind that when we go to Portugal we really must must must have UK tv and it is easily done.  But now that I am home I have changed my mind.  Over the last couple of years I have made a point of learning how to make all of our favourite British foods (things like Branston Pickle, Cheddar Cheese, Baked beans in tomato sauce etc...) so that when we actually live overseas we will not miss very much about our UK lifes

Spring has Sprung - I guess!

Well here I am back home again and up to my eyes in all the jobs that I should have been doing over the past two weeks.  I always seem to go away at the wrong time.  Last year it was Japan - and here I must say how sad I have found the recent upheavals in Japan and how much my daughter has cried when watching the footage, in particular because she was able to understand the Japanese being spoken.  Spain was enormous fun.  Seeing the grand child as she grows is so fulfilling, and I don't even have to do the hard bits, that's down to her mum and dad (both of whom are turning out to be excellent parents... it's so lovely and I take lots of credit for the way the mum turned out anyway... ha ha!). There were some great successes..... And some dramatic failures..... Getting to grips with a strange oven that requires the grill on at the same time... The African Swifts arrived a day earlier than last year apparently, but then right on cue, the sun came out and

Getting to grips with the list!

I am sure I am not alone in being the sort of person who has a long list of jobs to do - not urgent jobs, more in the line of projects waiting to happen.  Along with my determination to make more clothes to wear this year I have also resolved to clear out the piles of fabric in my sewing room and use them up productively or dump them. I have made a start - a summer dress in denim which I am fairly pleased with.  It was a bit stiff so I washed it and then wore it for a day and it is softening up nicely.  By the end of the summer I expect it will feel very nice indeed. And here is a project that was inspired by a visit to a local antique/vintage/junk shop.  It's the kind of place where you can see that they have taken a van over to France, bought up an entire Bricolage and then 'chic'ed' it all up before presenting it for sale with ribbons tied round it and exhorbitant price tags to match. And there on a rickety wooden chair was a small blanket or throw made from


Today I am mourning the lady I most admired when I was a teenager. Jane Russell who died yesterday aged 89. You see, when I was a teenager Jane Russell was no longer really in 'fashion', her large sexy curves had been replaced by the straight, waif-like silhouette of Twiggy.  Well, fashions come and go and its only when you get older that you realise it's a question of timing and there is little you can do about it... When I was 18 I was shaped more like Jane Russell than Twiggy.  Am I boasting?  No, I was large in the bust, tiny in the waist and even larger in the hip and bottom department.  Of course I didn't have Jane Russells face to go with it, but even if I had, I doubt that it would have made me more attractive in the eyes of the world... our tv screens were full of long skinny bints and I spent a lot of my time agonising over not being the right shape, not fitting into the fashionable clothes and you know how important self image is when you are a teenage