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The focus of this blog is simple - and that's the goal too. A more simple way of life. A life in tune with the rhythms of nature and of human nature. Where everything has its time and place and purpose, including us.

We have left the rat race behind and taken on new challenges. We aim to tread as lightly as we can upon the planet, to reconnect with nature, to eat good food, drink excellent wine, enjoy the best of company.... even if that is sometimes just our own! Please feel free to eavesdrop from time to time on our lives and see how we are doing and if you are ever in Extremadura... drop us an email and we'll give you directions.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

It's the Little Things....

in life that make it all worth while!


  1. On a different day, that could have ended a lot less well...

  2. There is a story I am fond of from the height of the space race and the cold war between Russia and America.

    Nasa, needed to overcome the problem of getting a biro to write under zero gravity conditions. They spent millions in research and development over many months until finally they came up with a pen that would write without squirting ink over the hapless Astronaut.

    Russia took pencils.

  3. I am chuckling like a good 'un Mr DTB!


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