Home Sweet Home

I am exhausted.  Mentally and physically.  It took us two days to get up to the north of Scotland due to the weather... there is nothing like the sinking feeling when you hear the traffic news on the radio say 'the A9 has been closed due to bad weather, high winds and an overturned lorry'.  And when they close the A9 they really mean closed... there are snow gates across the road and they shut them, thankfully they do give you plenty of notice on the radio, so if you are travelling up north in winter time ALWAYS listen to the traffic reports.

Luckily we were just half an hour from Glasgow when the news was announced and a quick phone call to my cousin secured us a bed for the night and a welcome tea.  After a square sausage sandwhich in the morning (you just cant get square sausage in England... don't know why, it makes perfect sense to use a square sausage on bread rather than trying to balance a round one)  we were once again on our way up north. 

Finally we reached our destination in Elgin - which was clear of snow and ice and the sun even came out for a bit.

This is the Doocat.  Or in English The Dove Cot in New Elgin not far from where my dad lives and where I finished my schooling.  It's in the middle of a playground and was a popular meeting place for teenagers and those going on a date.

On to our main objective which was to secure a new second hand car for my father.  We had an old Pajero 4x4 to trade in and a little extra cash to add to it.  The main concern was to make sure the new car was sound, bought from a proper garage (and not one of my father's cronies who 'knows a man who knows a man who does a bit of car fixin') and has power steering.  I was dreading it, I hate traipsing around garages and talking to men in oily overalls who think I know nothing about vehicles (which of course I do... know nothing that is).

In your dreams Guys!

...but hurrah... the second garage we went to and almost the first car we looked at seriously was perfect and the old one loved it.  A little Fiat Punto - 7 years old, very low mileage, one previous owner who worked for Fiat therefore the car comes with full Fiat dealer service etc... AND he gave us £800 part ex on the Pajero 4x4... which was a really good deal.

So thank you to David at Premier Car Sales Ltd Elgin.

 And to show his gratitude to us the aged one made us a trifle.

It was very nice too!


  1. Excellent trifle - glad your got there.

  2. That model of Punto have a good reliability and relatively low after sales cost as well. In plain speak it shouldn't need mending often and shouldn't cost too much when it does.

    If you have a local Morrisons, they have square (sometimes known as Lorne) sausages in the freezer sections. Before my move to ethical meat these were a staple in our house.


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