Lemon Tree Oh So Pretty

This is my lemon tree that I was given as a birthday present from my daughter and son in law in Spain. 

It arrived with five very green lemons on it.  I have watered and watched, and at last, I think two of the lemons are about ready for eating.

They are definitely yellowing and are not so green as they were....

...but are they lemon enough to pick?

The information that came with the tree said that for lemon trees in captivity there was no set time for harvesting the fruit.  The blossom, unripe fruit and ripe ones all can appear on the tree at the same time.

But what's this?  It's losing more leaves than I would consider normal... Oh no.  A quick read of the book says that it is either over-watering, under-watering or a draught.  So I moved it's position further into the room so that it would be slightly warmer.  Mmmm perhaps I did water it a bit much.  Well hopefully we won't have to worry about this sort of thing when we have lemons and oranges outside our back door in Portugal (oh such dreams...) but back to my dilemma!  to pick or not to pick?  And once picked, what do I do with them?  There are only two so not a big enough harvest to do much more than one lemon meringue pie perhaps... or several gin and tonics (but is that a waste?)  Sigh... it's not easy this farming lark.


  1. I'm not sure if they are ready, but I wonder if the lemons you buy in a shop have beeen sprayed with something to make them more yellow, or could it be the wax they have on them. Is the pot big enough?

  2. Well it arrived in this pot back in September so i guess it could need repotting this year. but I think I will have to wait until the spring to do that. I know oranges can stay ripe on the trees for a long time and not fall off so I suppose lemons might too. Oooh not sure.

  3. Don't overlook shock as a cause of shedding leaves.

    I moved a plant years ago that had been stood in a dark shed and ignored for about 5 months. Although it still had it's leaves at the time within a week it was a stick!

    After a few months though it was back to full health and so much so that to date I have cut it in half twice and propagated a further four plants off it!

    I would try and hold out till they are properly yellow before picking but I know that can be hard when there is produce to be had!


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