Hello Dolly

Over the festive holidays I turned my hand to making something quite different.  Well quite different for me. 

Meet dolly.  She is the prototype for a series of dolls that I would like to make for my grand daughter. 
Dolly is a topsy turvy doll.  This way up she is dressed in her housecoat - having no doubt just come out of the bath, before getting ready for the ball.

And if you turn her upside down, here she is in her ball gown with her hair done up, ready to go party!

I had such a lot of fun making her and she used up some odds and ends of fabric that would otherwise be gathering dust in the workbasket.  I am not sending this one to my grand daughter, she has one or two little mistakes that would hardly be noticed except by me, but I have bigger plans for the next one.

You see my grand daughter will be brought up in Spain.  She will go to Spanish school and will have to rely on her mum and dad for English history and culture lessons.  So I have had an idea.  I want to do a topsy turvy doll with Queen Elizabeth 1 on one side and Mary Queen of Scots on the other - this doll can then be used to tell that particular story.  There are loads of other ideas too... Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora Macdonald for example.  There are limitations to this though... both characters must wear a large sticky-out skirt for example.  Bonnie Prince Charlie could wear his kilt or since he disguised himself as Flora MacDonald's lady companion we could go with the cross dressing theme.

Well I hope you see what I am getting at.  So long as the doll can be used to tell a story.  Cinderella is of course the most obvious and I think I will do that one too but if you can think of any suitable partnerships do let me know in the comments. 


  1. She looks great. I have one still (I'm nearly 40) that was made for me as a child.

  2. Although she doesn't really look anything like her, for some reason I instantly thought of Madeleine from Bagpuss when I saw the picture.

    The biggest squeak of joy in our house on christmas day was when the Daughter opened the hand knitted moose that m'Lady had made for her.

    She is 9 so it just goes to show how important simple ideas still are in this complex world.

    Excellent work and loving the idea, can't wait to see what you do with the 1990's range!

  3. That's a good idea. I'm struggling to think of two who both have flowing skirts. What about national dresses from countries of the world? A Japanese kimono and an Indian sari. Just a thought.

  4. The National Costumes is a good idea, I did see one on ebay that had a French side (navy blue skirt and blouse with a lace apron) and a Spanish flamenco dress on the other side. I have some sari material and some japanese kimono fabric too... mmm... another one on the list of to do's!


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