Happy New Year Everyone

Well that's it done and dusted for another 12 months - thank goodness.  Please don't misunderstand, I do enjoy the festive season - some bits of it anyway.  In particular I love to cook and silly season gives me an opportunity to make more unusual things and to really push the boat out a bit.  I was also delighted to be able to put home grown parsnips and brussels sprouts on the table for New Year's dinner along with a plum tart made from plums my sister in law gave me in the autumn.

Alas our potatoes did not last beyond a month - well I knew I hadn't planted enough, but it's a definite delight to traipse over to the allotment and still be able to find stuff to eat.  Leeks still to harvest and looking good and a couple of celeriac waiting to be picked along with two quite small turnips.  I know it's not quite being self sufficient but this is the first year that I have actually managed to produce something through the winter season so I feel like I have progressed a lot.

On the downside and talking of over-indulgence, we had three days in a row of eating out at relatives homes.  Which ended up as three Christmas dinners in a row and then I spent an entire night unable to sleep due to headache and totally bunged up plumbing (mine not the house).

I do not subscribe to the making new year's resolutions brigade but today is the first day of my new mantra 'my body is a temple' ... looking at lettuce seeds now.


  1. I bet you're glad that you resisted that final "Waff-aire thin mint..."

  2. that's the trouble... I didn't quite resist!

  3. I had to chuckle seeing that image in the post, one of my favourite films!

    We had way too much as well, but much the way of the season I reckon really.


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