A Charity Shop Find

We have a really good charity shop in our village.  The charity is a Dogs Trust and they are always happy to see me with my dog Fergus when we go for our walks.  Because I pass by (and of course I have to go in) at least a couple of times a week, I quite often find interesting stuff to buy.  Often it is clothes but today this is what I bought.

'Ooh that's a big book ' said the lady... 'so that will be 50 pence please'.

Most of the patterns are for crochet, and they are all delightfully old fashioned (well you know how I love old stuff).  There are loose leaf charts for filet crochet (but would work equally well for cross stitch embroidery) and patterns for things you just don't really find any more... such as Cheval sets.  That's a centre mat and two matching smaller mats for your dressing table.

Girls don't tend to have dressing tables any more - I wonder why?  Perhaps it's because we are always in such a rush - makeup and hair done stood up in front of the bathroom mirror and then dashing out to work.

But there are some knitting patterns too.  And patterns for bedspreads and throws (knitting and crochet) and for childrens clothes and dolls.  And bed jackets, remember them?  Not really fashionable these days but so sensible - I have to use a shawl over my shoulders when I read in bed - but then we have the heating turned down in the bedrooms. I guess modern Miss would simply turn the thermostat up.

And all interspersed with quotations from the bible or poetry or thoughts for the day.

Obviously while sewing or knitting or doing crochet, your mind is free to wander.  I particularly liked this rather sentimental but I believe totally apt poem.

I've embroidered a frock, and I've sewn the long seams,
While I stitched up a heartache and mended my dreams.
I've patched a torn garment, and darned a big rent
While I've worked in new hopes and a sweeter content.
Why stitching brings gladness, or ease for life's pain,
And healing from sadness, I cannot explain.
But for little hopes baffled, and foolish tears shed,
I had sought and found comfort with needle and thread.

 No author is given for the poem but in an effort to give credit the book is written by E E Visser - a Dutch lady from what I can gather.  My only thoughts now are along the lines of.... so many patterns, so many projects and only one lifetime (and that half over already)!


  1. What a lovely book. It should keep you busy for a while!!

  2. Many years ago in a local charity shop, I found a complete collection of bound HG Wells books similar to this. There were about a dozen of them going for £30. That was a lot of money so I left them then went off and ummed and ahhed about it. Finally made up my mind to go back and get them to find someone else had been far more decisive, obviously recognising them for the joy they were.

    Oh well.

    Great find though, hope you make loads from it.


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