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The Longest Night

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year.  The winter solstice.  Therefore it follows that last night was the longest night.  I love and loathe the night in equal measure.  I love to sleep.  I can remember a time when I could drop off almost anywhere - on trains, on buses, in the bus queue while stood up!  The Who Concert in Rotterdam 1975 - but really, lets not look into that one. But as I have got older sleep is a more fleeting experience.  Sleep has to be coaxed, to be enticed with warm milky drinks and complete darkness, total silence, special pillows - pyjamas.  There are several things that now interfere with my longest loved pleasure.  All my fault really so complaints are pointless.  All the same, here I go.... Noise - Billy Steve - totally my fault, when I married him he was the most silent, the most gentle of bed partners.  It was possible once to awake and think he had disappeared during the night, so quiet was his presence in the bed, almost as if he floated above the

Sew Simple Take Two

Such very kind posts about my dress making abilities have spurred me on to turn yet another remnant of fabric into a 1920's skirt.  A bit difficult to take pictures on my own so please bear with me on this. The first skirt was meant to be a little longer but due to the constraints of the fabric and having to match the plaid, I had to make it shorter.  It looked less like a vintage pattern than the second attempt which is the correct length.  Along with my dancing shoes (I don't go dancing any more) which looks suitably vintage it really is evocative of the era... I like this skirt even better than the first. It's still fastened with hook and eye and press studs but I added some black lace insertion to jazz up an otherwise very plain charcoal grey woollen fabric.  Here I must give some words of encouragement to Rainbow Child who said she may not have the patience or skill to make something similar.  I think everyone who has ever made their own clothes will have to

Sew Simple

Having cleaned up my little Singer machine I decided I should christen it by making something to wear.  Something more modern than my usual Victorian stuff.  So when I found this 1920's skirt pattern on ebay I thought... that will do! It is, after all, a pattern that is almost as old as the machine - and since vintage patterns tend to come in exact sizes, when I noticed that the pattern was my exact measurements, well... it had to be! The pattern was unused proving that I am not the only one who has more ideas than fabric or time will allow! Because the pattern is so old and very fragile I decided to trace it onto squared paper rather than start putting pins through the tissue paper.  You will notice that the pattern has very little markings on it, a few notches and some holes punched through to indicate where darts or sewing lines or fold lines should be. There were, however, quite good instructions with the pattern pieces.  The skirt is actually very simple and quite u

They don't make 'em like they used to!

November was a no-spend month here in the Technobilly household.  How did we do?  Absolutely flippin' terrible!!  Well I'm a sucker for anything old/vintage and I have a thing for vintage textiles and historical clothing etc... so.... (I'm trying to justify it here)... when I saw this on ebay.... I just couldn't resist...  And it was only £25 (only) but then I waited two weeks for delivery because the snow held up the courier.  She (yes it's female) came out of the Kilbowie (Clydebank) factory in Scotland between July and December of 1911.  That makes her just shy of 100 years old.  How do I know?  Well there is a serial number on her and you can look it up on the Singer website here . She arrived very dirty and very smelly having been forgotten in someone's attic for the last 30 years or so.  I carefully took her apart and cleaned each piece as best I could with some WD40 and a soft cloth.  The hand wheel was stuck fast and I haven't been able

What do you want for Christmas?

I hate that question.  Especially when it comes from family members.  I am sure I have whinged about this before but honestly... what is the point of my telling them what to buy me and then they buy it AND WRAP IT UP!   Yes I know it means I get something I really want but ... actually, do I?  For a start I am not going to ask for something really expensive, I'd be too embarrassed for that, and if its not expensive and something I really want, then I probably have it already.  So what do I do?  I wrack my brains for suitable gift ideas, things that will not be a waste of money and that I actually want.  It's really hard.  I worry about suggesting things that are too expensive or too difficult to find in case I offend or cause too much trouble - and lets not forget I am supposed to be the happy recipient of this gift, it's not supposed to be hard work for me.  And then on Christmas day I open the gift and exclaim 'oh how lovely' or something of the sort.  Well...