And Now for Something Completely Different

A new Victorian Living History, Costuming and Re-enactment Group

Are you interested in historical fashion?  If you would enjoy strolling through the streets of Oxford wearing crinoline and cape or if a meander through the Pit Rivers museum in a top hat is right up your street then we are the group for YOU!
You do not need to have a costume
already - just be willing to research
and make or construct one,
(lots of help given if needed). All
ages welcome (children must be
accompanied by a suitably costumed
adult).  Steam-punk enthusiasts
need not be left out.

The Informal Society of Oxford
Ladies and Gentlemen
is very keen to hear from you.

If this sounds like fun
to you...
contact us:  [email protected]


  1. OMG Mr Broccoli... there really is no hope for you is there? For those who are completely lost at this stage, Mr Broccoli has just about chosen the most obscure Monty Python quote ever.. I am soooo impressed.


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