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We have left the rat race behind and taken on new challenges. We aim to tread as lightly as we can upon the planet, to reconnect with nature, to eat good food, drink excellent wine, enjoy the best of company.... even if that is sometimes just our own! Please feel free to eavesdrop from time to time on our lives and see how we are doing and if you are ever in Extremadura... drop us an email and we'll give you directions.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Alas the pictures don't do it justice... oh and cold

Hasn't the weather taken a turn?  All the lovely gold and yellow leaves are now sodden and dirty underfoot making the paths slippery and unpleasant... the trees are starting to look very bare and winter-like and my bedroom was a chilly 11C this morning at 4am.  We do have heating but I have turned it down in an effort to save a few pennies and to experience the seasons again... central heating has very much cushioned us from the outside world and I have a sneaky feeling that it is not good for your wellbeing.  I only turned the heating down to 17C but the sensor is placed in the sitting room just under the ceiling (stupid place to put it if you ask me) and since heat rises we usually find its a degree colder on the settee at least.  So we have some snuggly blankets to keep us cosy while watching the telly.

The bedroom is another story... the radiator I think is broken, or turned off, it's hidden behind a chest of drawers (the room is too small to place the chest anywhere else) and so I can't get at it to check.  Luckily our winter quilt is very cosy - an expensive but worth-it treat which we bought for our 25th wedding anniversary... it's just dashing to the loo in the early hours and braving the freezing cold seat that is the problem, has always been a pet hate of mine.  Alas my legs are getting too old for hovering above the seat these days!

But what I wanted to show you is much more uplifting... the magic of parsnips...

Really brightened up the soup making process when I realised that nature had hidden a surprise picture inside the parsnip.  And the wintery sunshine even shined through when I held it up to the window.


  1. WOW I can't believe the pictures - what a lovely thing to have found! We've some parsnips at work - I might have a go at seeing whats inside mine!

  2. That's another phrase I never expected to read; "the magic of parsnips"



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