Soap Teacher Launches!

I have started a new blog entitled Soap Teacher. Now most of you will have been over to my skincare website from time to time and will wonder why I have felt the need to blog exactly the same stuff! Well.... it's been a hard decision but I have had to accept that I am definitely the Billy bit of this outfit rather than the Techno side of things.

My skincare website is quite expensive to run, it's supposed to make money from the advertising which should at the very least cover all it's costs. I never did get to grips with how to do this. I had pages and pages of tutorials to read but I never felt very comfortable with any of it - and in all honesty it was quite beyond me.

Around 53% of my visitors to the website came from the USA but my brain is quite firmly stuck here in the UK and I did not want to form advertising associations with companies in the US when I really did not understand their ethos or always approve of their advertising styles... my UK visitors were way down in numbers - even though I was getting over a thousand hits a week. And I just felt like I didn't know how to talk to my American visitors... that's very parochial I know...

But anyway... the whole thing has cost me a fortune and it has been a lesson well learned. So in a month's time I shall be switching it off and by then, all the relevant information will be on the Soap Teacher blog, free for everyone and apart from the usual GoogleAds which will take a hundred years to earn me a fiver... I shan't have to worry about 'having to make money' from it.

Phew ... I actually feel better about this now. I am also still doing the occasional soap and toiletry course which I really enjoy and those will be advertised on the blog - I have one booked for later this month and will take some photographs of us making some soap for Christmas - the girl who has booked the course keeps bees so we shall be making some honey and bees wax soap.


  1. What a shame your skincare site is expensive to run. I must check both these sites out. By chance a blog I read (Sarina Randomness) has just made soap and has been having a few problems so I have recommended to her that she checks out your new soapteacher blog. How lovely of you to share your knowledge with everyone. I really hope you can at least cover your costs from your new blog, better still I hope you make a few pounds in profit. Linda


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