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Well... there is no time like the present, as the saying goes, and I am certainly making a start on my dream home.

The first, and most important step, is to decide how to finance this dream move of ours. Of course most of our money - if not all - is tied up in our home and that cannot be released until we actually want to move. How much we get for our current house is down to market forces and to be honest I don't really care too much about that... we shall get what we shall get for it and it will just have to be enough!

The plan is that on or shortly after 25th September 2013 we shall sell this house and rent something for about 3 or 4 months in the country/area of our choice (maybe northern Spain but looking at prices at the moment you can certainly get more for your money in central Portugal). While we are renting we shall investigate places to purchase find what we want and start living the good life. Yes I know it may not be as simple as that... but we are talking 'The Plan' here. the exact logistics of each bit will be decided upon nearer the time and will of course take into consideration whatever circumstances (changes) that have arisen between now and then.

The only concern I have at the moment is paying for the move and the possible storage of our things. We really do have to sell this house first and then move - it would be too complicated to do it simultaneously - it's stressful enough trying to buy and sell houses in the UK never mind getting into a foreign house chain. We do not intend to sell much of our current belongings - we are already paring down to what we consider the necessities for the kind of life we want to live.

For the last couple of years I have been gathering together items that will be useful for our proposed 'Good Life' style to come. All my gardening equipment are top notch tools that we deliberately chose top of the range when we bought them because we intend for them to last for many many years to come. All my kitchen equipment (pots, pans, baking trays etc...) are also good quality items designed to see me out!

We have treasured furniture and items that have a certain style that we like and would find almost impossible to replace. All of these things will have to be either stored until we buy somewhere or brought by removals van. I think this is going to be quite expensive and since I do not want to eat into the budget for the house and land purchase - I am going to save this money from the housekeeping. How much? Well I can't be exactly sure because prices do tend to rise and everywhere I have searched they want more exact details before they will give a quote so... on a pure guess I am thinking £5,000 to £7,000 ... is that too little? Too much? What do you think?


  1. Ihave just found in leeds 30 square feet of storage for £20 per month, by being cheeky enough to go back and tell them 50 sq feet at £60 was too expensive. Most of these companies try not to quote direct. I just told all of them upfront I was checking the market and wasn't going to be pressured with a sell. Any one who wouldn't offer some kind of quote based on the info I gave them didn't get considered.

    A few years ago my entire life was stored in a 50 square foot room, if you pack carefully and Jenga like a Grand master it is surprising how little space you need. To give you a clue, that 50 foot included a piano, a 5 foot two piece G Plan side board and a king size bed that is made up of 5 inch newel posts. That cost £60 per month and still seems to be the local price.

    You'll need insurance, which is extra, but check if your contents insurance cover you first, and some places try and sell you a padlock.

    Don't go to the first quote, play the market and get written quotes as most places will offer to beat a genuine quote by x percent.

    In a word Haggle, but I would guestimate that even 100sq feet which by a lot of reckonings is a normal garage, should only cost around £100 per month so for a year I think the max you would pay is 2000 and that seems excessive. However I am in Leeds where there is a bit of competition so your prices may be a bit higher.

    If it is stuff you don't need access to then lookto storign it further away if there are cheaper prices to be had, I had all my immportant paperwork, books and everything else so I needed regular access to them, if it had just been a piano I would have stored it at Newcastle if the price worked out better.

    Apols for the long comment but having very recent experience I thought it might be beneficial.

  2. wow sounds exciting , i too have a store of stuff .......for when we move to the smallholding


  3. Dear Mr Broccoli - you are a star... that is good advice and gives me an idea that including the removals we could be looking at about £3,000 max... mind you... this is Oxfordshire and it is not always easy to find cheap stuff around here... this gives me a fairly good idea of how much I need to be putting by every month.


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