I'm Celebrating!

why?  Well, there is precious little Good News on the tv these days, so I have very much enjoyed hearing about the Chilean Miners miraculous rescue.  And so, today I bought a bottle of Chilean wine, which we shall enjoy with our usual Friday night curry.

And I shall toast the guy in charge of the rescue team - I don't know who he is, but boy does he deserve a medal, what a great job, well done!!

In other news, I dug over a bit of the allotment today and now my back really aches... I should have been there for an hour or two every day this week, but so many other things just got in the way.  The allotment is still producing - I got the very last of the butternut squash - two little diddy baby ones, and a decent sized swede, and a cabbage and some brussels sprouts which will not last until Christmas - in fact none of them look like they will last until Christmas - last years were much better, but never mind, they will go well with ham and potatoes which is planned for tomorrow. :-)

Talking of tomorrow... I am giving a ten minute talk on how to bottle and preserve apples at our village's very first apple festival.  I have some apple butter to take, along with some apple and chilli jelly and some apple chutney and some sliced cooking apples bottled in syrup... I shall also take the pasteuriser along with me to show people how it works... there is supposed to be an apple expert attending and he/she will be able to tell me what variety of apples we have just by looking at them.  I am quite looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. That all sounds mighty fine. Although I have to say I am horrified you need to go and do a talk! It just goes to show how quickly knowledge has been lost because only a generation or two ago, you would know this!

    The Chilean miners rescue was absolutely amazing, but we should remember it was greed that put them there in the first place. The mine is a gold and silver one.

    It's worth remembering that many of the things we take for granted come from so far away and the workers are not always protected as well as we are.

  2. Hello again Mr Broccoli... yes it is very sad when you think of all the knowledge that has been lost - and I was actually quite appalled at the lack of knowledge about preserving in general - even from quite elderly ladies who, you would have assumed, must have learned this stuff from their mum's.

    As for the greed... yup... nothing changes there.... and not just about the Chilean miners... I came home from the apple festival with a huge bag of apples... (I have had tons already) but they were free and I couldn't resist! lol!

  3. Quidco - try doing a search for the The High Street Web and also for Kelkoo and maybe it will become clearer. They pay you for doing daily searches. You also get a few pennies every time you buy something from ebay and some of the bookshops. Most of the cashback opportunities are of no use to me as I'm not wanting to buy those things anyway. However, when we do want something, I always check quidco and sometimes we win. I feel like I'm pushing quidco here but it is just one fairly painless way I gain a little bit extra each year.

  4. ps I'm thinking very hard about bottling apples as my freezer is bulging. A step by step guide for idiot (me!) beginners would be a very useful post........ please?

    Do you use jam jars or kilner jars?

  5. Hi Jo... I shall do a apple bottling post - but have run out of bottles myself at the moment. You definitely need to use Kilner or similar type jars that will seal in a water bath. As I still have some apples left I will get on to that asap!


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