Unsung Hero

This is such a busy time of year. There is just so much I could blog about. Should I blog about the masses of plums I got for free? Should I share the recipe for plum ketchup that I made? Should I show you all how much work I have done on the allotment - clearing new beds for next years planting? Or perhaps I should just tell you about my birthday and the lovely presents I got?

Nope.... this is much more important than any of those things. I live with a man whose hard work and tolerance allows me to play at farming (albeit on a small scale). I gave up full time work to stay at home and cook and clean and bake and grow stuff. This meant that Billy Steve HAS to stay employed and HAS to bring home a really good wage - when we first bought our house 15 years ago, two wages were required to pay the mortgage.. the mortgage payments have pretty much stayed the same and we are one wage down.

BillySteve's background is in aeronautical engineering and currently he works as a project manager for a company providing computer solutions (bespoke software programmes) for large corporations. Billy Steve does not actually enjoy his job any more. He works long hours, in theory he works from home but he has to travel to visit clients too so he is rarely here. He left home at 5am yesterday morning and didn't get home until 9:30pm... and he was back in his office at 8am this morning. I know he would much rather be building stuff in the shed or making bread in the kitchen, or harvesting produce from the allotment, or searching for chestnut trees down the lanes near our village. It is 3 years or 155 Bin Days until he can retire. And he is counting them down!

On top of everything that he HAS to do, he is always there to help me with the jobs that I can't do myself .....like:

Filling the car full of manure and emptying it at the allotment. Filling the car full of topsoil and emptying it at the allotment. Building a new ladder for the henhouse.

...dragging stuff out of random skips by the side of the road just because I said 'ooh that looks useful'. Taking heavy and hot items out of the oven for me. Making me a hay box cooker. Repairing shelves and fixing new ones for my ever expanding larder. Harvesting the grapes in among the myriad of wasps. Carrying the cherry tree to its final position and digging a deep hole. Cooking dinner on Fridays (every Friday come rain or shine). Tasting my latest culinary concoction and saying something positive about it (even if he doesn't like it much).

Removing large hairy spiders from the bath, without killing them. Not batting an eyelid when I ask him to pee around the boundaries of the hen enclosure.

So.... let's hear it for .... MY MAN. (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. Gulp! I am asking ... why does he have to pee round the hens' run?

  2. He is indeed a VIP, you are very lucky. Can I borrow him, when he has time, I have a hedge that wants cutting, a greenhouse that wants putting up, etc etc :o)

  3. Hi Lorna... The strong smell of male urine around the borders of your territory is supposed to deter Mr Fox and other predators... also hanging human hair from the fences is supposed to do the same... I pinned a little bag of human hair to my scarecrow at the allotment in the hope that it would deter the deer from eating my greens... :-)

  4. Lovely post. Makes you think about your other half and all the things you take for granted - maybe I should use the word ME rather than you!
    I think I should do the same thing and list all the things MOH does for me.

  5. Worth noting male wazz is excellent as a compost accelerator as well. Girly stuff won't do as you produce different chemicals to us. Dilute some down about ten to one in a watering can and use to wet the mix as you build the pile.

    Hopefully he doesn't stroll round the garden, tallywhacker out, you do get him to wee in a pot or a jug in the bathroom don't you?

  6. Let's hear it for the chap!!! Good ones are worth 2 hundred Brad Pitts, three thousand Jonny Depp's, 150,000 George Clooneys! what a lovely post xxxx

  7. Ah Mr Broccoli... we are ahead of you on the pee-ing on the compost front (suitably diluted of course) and apart from one mad summer when there was an evening of dancing naked in the rain... there have been no tallywhackers out in my garden! lol! Actually that's a lie... there was a party my son had a few years ago when we were on holiday... the complaints from the neighbours were such a joy on our return!

  8. Tallywhacker??!!

    I now have a new word to try and drop into a conversation ASAP :)

    Yay for Billy Steve and all his hard work and help in the garden / home / allotment as well as his peeing around the hen house! lol!

    What a great blog post!


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