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We have left the rat race behind and taken on new challenges. We aim to tread as lightly as we can upon the planet, to reconnect with nature, to eat good food, drink excellent wine, enjoy the best of company.... even if that is sometimes just our own! Please feel free to eavesdrop from time to time on our lives and see how we are doing and if you are ever in Extremadura... drop us an email and we'll give you directions.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Billy Christina goes to Town

Off to some Japanese festival/exposition in London - neglected to ask exactly which/what... (this was yesterday) and she came home very tired but a very happy bunny since she was able to talk in Japanese to lots of people during the day and she was chuffed that she seemed not to have forgotten too much!

On another note... we are off to Spain to visit our grand daughter on Tuesday and won't be back until 29th October and we are not taking laptop or planning on going anywhere near the internet until we get back... Will be posting again then with updates. Hope you are all well and I promise to visit my regular blogging friends once I get back.

Holidays are coming....... Happy Happy Happy... !!!


  1. Clever girl that she has a second language. Enjoy your holidays, see you when you get back.

  2. not only has she got a second language she has got what by all accounts is one of the hardest to learn as it has no comparative language anywhere. The kimono looks absolutely amazing but they always do.

    Enjoy Spain, I hope the littley is doing well and your daughter as also.

  3. d'oh!!!! Misprint in the text... we shall be back in the UK on the 29th September NOT OCTOBER. What a long holiday that would be... and boy would the allotments be full of weeds by then!

  4. Enjoy your holiday - give lots of hugs to the little one (she must be about 4 months now?! ) and hope your daughter is still continuing to heal.

    Looking forward to news and photos when you return x


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