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Billy Christina goes to Town

Off to some Japanese festival/exposition in London - neglected to ask exactly which/what... (this was yesterday) and she came home very tired but a very happy bunny since she was able to talk in Japanese to lots of people during the day and she was chuffed that she seemed not to have forgotten too much! On another note... we are off to Spain to visit our grand daughter on Tuesday and won't be back until 29th October and we are not taking laptop or planning on going anywhere near the internet until we get back... Will be posting again then with updates. Hope you are all well and I promise to visit my regular blogging friends once I get back. Holidays are coming....... Happy Happy Happy... !!!

Party Party Party

Yesterday was an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT day! We went to the Help for Heroes Concert at Twickenham. Some of the family's and carers of injured servicemen were given free tickets to attend and we were lucky enough to be included. You remember BillyJon's Kilimanjaro challenge last year, he and his team managed to raise over £40,000 for Help for Heroes. (by the way, BillyJon is planning another challenge for 2011 with his dad which will be revealed in due course and BillyChristina is getting in on the act too, since she was away in Japan when he did his Kili climb, she has decided to do a sponsored 200km pony trek across inner Mongolia in July of 2011 - more on that one later! ) We had a free coach ride from the barracks near where BillyJon lives all the way to Twickenham and back. So we had lunch with my son before we went and when we arrived at the stadium we were promptly given special purple wrist bands which entitled us to free drinks in the Players Bar. We also

Get Ready to Store Those Apples

The gusty winds and torrential rain over the last few days has brought down some of my apples. These are no good for storing, but it has me focussed on how to keep the abundance of apples we expect to harvest in a few weeks time. In an ideal world where I am as rich as Croesus I would have one of these... .... This one is £299 from Harrod Horticulture - very nice, but in this world... I have to make do. The damaged apples are destined for apple puree or frozen in slices ready for crumbles and eve's pudding throughout the long cold winter months ahead. But the perfect ones... the really good eating ones, need to be stored properly if they are going to last until next year. Firstly, the apples you choose for storage must be perfect, unblemished specimens. You don't have to wash them but its a good idea to give them a rub with a dry cloth to remove any last specks of dirt or 'creatures' that might be hanging in there in the hope of a good meal when you're n

Unsung Hero

This is such a busy time of year. There is just so much I could blog about. Should I blog about the masses of plums I got for free? Should I share the recipe for plum ketchup that I made? Should I show you all how much work I have done on the allotment - clearing new beds for next years planting? Or perhaps I should just tell you about my birthday and the lovely presents I got? Nope.... this is much more important than any of those things. I live with a man whose hard work and tolerance allows me to play at farming (albeit on a small scale). I gave up full time work to stay at home and cook and clean and bake and grow stuff. This meant that Billy Steve HAS to stay employed and HAS to bring home a really good wage - when we first bought our house 15 years ago, two wages were required to pay the mortgage.. the mortgage payments have pretty much stayed the same and we are one wage down. BillySteve's background is in aeronautical engineering and currently he works as a p