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Sometimes you can take being a Technobilly a little bit too far.... Or can you? The BillyGirls are all keen dressmakers and really value the ability to produce unique and well fitting clothes... alas not usually cheaper these days... but all the same the finished product is usually well made and often looks like it cost a fortune to buy.

In order to produce well fitting clothes, having a dress form in your size is a great benefit. They are very expensive to buy and BillyChristina is a student.

So..... First you take one girl dressed in an old T shirt.

Then you start to wrap her in duct tape. Quite tight, but making sure she doesn't go blue!

You stick on several layers of tape.

..... and then you mark the natural waist and a line down the centre front.

then with a sharp pair of scissors you cut through the centre of the back (T shirt as well) until the shape falls free.

You use a coat hanger and a piece of plastic drainpipe... so.....

And cut a shape from cardboard for the bottom.....

And then you stuff it - she is going to use an old quilt that was destined for the landfill site for the stuffing.

Now in theory what you end up with, is a dress form that is EXACTLY your body shape for a fraction of the cost of a standard body form. So far the cost is £15. I'll let you know how it turns out!


  1. You'll get an Arts Council grant for that! Get it in the Tate quick!!

  2. Good job! I've seen this process in online tutorial form, and the results seem very functional! Someday I will get up the nerve to ask a friend to wrap me in duct tape, because I certainly can't afford the storebought dress forms, and it would be wonderful to make clothing that actually fits ME.

  3. I had heard of this, but your fab tutorial makes it look very easy. I thought you had made matching legs, until I realised the model had similar coloured socks :D
    I only wish I had her slender figure! :D

  4. This is brilliant.

    When I was a kid, my Mum did dressmaking for amateur dramatic productions and I remember her having an "Adjustaform". It was always a rather scary presence, as it habitually lurked in the spare bedroom.

    This customised body form is one of the most unexpected uses for Gaffer Tape that I've ever seen.

  5. I must say I had my doubts but I will have to take a photo of it now it is finished and let you all see how well it turned out... I am quite impressed... watch this space as I promise to get around to blogging it soon. :-) loved all your comments by the way!!


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