Et Voila!!

The finished dress form... in all it's glory!!

To keep the dress form upright BillyChristina has used an old stand designed for an artificial Christmas tree. The form is a little unstable but it's usable - and the cost is still at £15 - a result as far as I'm concerned.

A slight error in measuring means that the body form is about an inch shorter than the original, so that will have to be taken into account when hemming clothes.... a tape measure then revealed that in fact it is about half an inch smaller on the waist too - mmm guess I might have pulled the tape a little bit too tight at that point!

This is the reason that the dress form had to be made. It's a costume that BillyChristina is planning on making.

She is going to wear it to a Cosplay Convention (London MCM Expo) in October and since there is a competition she is planning on really making a good job of it.

The hooped petticoat (with bustle underneath) is already made... ruffled petticoat being run up as I type.

She found the perfect pair of boots at the local charity shop for just £2.00!!! And has also purchased a second hand hat that will need to be 'adjusted' somewhat to match the one in the costume pictures.

I am really enjoying watching this costume come to life. It set me to thinking about where her interest in making 'costumes' rather than clothes, has come from... and then I remembered a Spanish-lady-outfit that my mother made for me when I was just 7 or 8 years old... she had no pattern so had to design it from scratch but it turned out perfectly. I entered the fancy dress costume with a full length orange and black frilled creation complete with black lace mantilla but alas did not win... I can't remember who did but it was a 'jokey' costume that pipped me at the post.

I am sure that my mother would have revelled in BillyChristina's costuming ideas and it makes me feel like I am at the centre of a long line of 'sewing ancestors' behind me, and 'sewing descendants' still to come. It's nice being in the middle.


  1. I am amazed at your talents. The dress form is a fantastic idea, and so cheap to make. Can't wait to see the finished costume. Your daughter is very clever.

  2. The form came out very well! And the new project? Goodness gracious!!! Will be watching for progress :)


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