Slow Soup

This morning I made soup.

I used a handful of carrots from the garden (you can't do anything in this house without an audience), the potatoes from the allotment that were too small for doing anything substantial with and an onion.

I chopped them all into fairly even-sized chunks and sweated the vegetables in a little sunflower oil. Next I poured in some lentils then I added some stock...

.........actually I added a lot of stock - more than I would normally use, I wanted to give the hay box cooker a fair trial this time so I filled it to within 2" of the top.

I boiled the soup for 2 minutes....

.........and then put on the lid with tinfoil and popped it into the hay box cooker.

I packed the blanket around it really tightly this time and squashed in a second blanket

.....and pushed it all well down before putting on the polystyrene lid.

............That was 10am this morning.

At 6pm we opened it up and the pot was still so hot I had to use oven gloves to take it out. It was fully cooked and only needed a quick whizz with the blender (it could have done without BillySteve getting carried away and whooshing it all over the cooker) and it was ready.

It was very tasty... could have done with a few more vegetables and a few more lentils because I really had used a little too much stock... but I can definitely say that the cooker works. And I froze the excess soup so it wont be wasted.

Now onto the next challenge for my new cooker. Tomorrow I am going to make Boston Baked Beans. Are you bored with the hay box cooker yet?


  1. Hi there,glad your soup came out,i'm cooking Bean and veg soup this morn in my Thermal cooker(Dream Pot)i actually bring it all to boiling point,then simmer for 10 min's with the lid on,then i place it in the outerpot,where it will sit all day,the Bean's cook beautifully,is'nt it great to cook without power?hope your Boston Bean's are delish.

  2. No, not bored at all, it's fascinating. In fact I have put a link on Down The Lane, in case anyone wants to follow it.

  3. Thank you Ilona... the link is very welcome... oh and I cooked the beans overnight (turned out perfectly) and they are now in the sauce in the haybox cooker and will be ready for tea this evening... I'm ridiculously excited by it all!

  4. I like it! i must make one of those, what a good way to cook with residual heat!


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