Knitting in the Wind

I think I also mentioned that I had some knitting to do. A small stash of wool to use up... well...

I managed to finish a cardigan/jacket thingy that I started earlier in the year. I am not that impressed with it... I loved the pattern but it has knitted up rather large - each time I knit something for me to wear, other than socks, it always ends up too big - but hey ho... I feel sort of grungy and 'homespun' in it and I quite like that.

Comments from the family were...'Oh well, you can always wear it to the allotment' .... and.... 'Oh dear!'.... when I did wear it out two separate shop assistants said 'have you been knitting?'... I wasn't quite sure what to make of that. But definitely not the responses I was hoping for!

So... it was back to knitting socks... I'm quite good at knitting socks... or at least I have had more success from sock patterns than anything else. So... a pair of spiral rib socks for me....

.... and a pair of heart socks.... well these are for me too! I'm still knitting the second sock... knitting the second one is always a bit of a bore, thankfully they knit up quick.

On the subject of knitting. Take a look at this... especially the video... it's rather cool! I quite fancy one of these but I think the knitting might get wet!! I wonder what she does about that? I have mentioned to BillySteve about a wind knitting machine. So it has gone on the list along with the solar powered shower and the solar powered food drying cupboard and the outdoor bread/pizza oven and the hay box cooker....and... well... the list is quite long... one day...!


  1. That cardy would be lovely to wear on a cold winters night in front of a log fire. It looks as if it would keep you warm.

  2. Brillian!
    Heath Robinson would be proud of this.

    My "inner geek" proposes the solution to wet knitting would be to simply leave the wind turbine outside and place the knitting machine indoors with a mechanical drive coupling them together. Some kind of chain drive would be fairly efficient.


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