What a Wonderful Spring!

Of course spring has sprung here in Andalucia for a couple of weeks before I became a grandmother, but now I feel like it is a personal celebration of the joy I feel. Like spring has never sprung for any one else's baby ever before! Don't worry not all my future posts will be full of baby... but you will have to indulge me a little at the moment.

In a couple of months it will be very brown and desert-like around here but for now the countryside looks amazing. So many wild flowers.

The day before my daughter went into labour we went out to visit a monastery at Tiscar.

Tiscar is perched high up a mountain and only reachable by driving some very windy roads with sheer drops on one side.

I must admit I closed my eyes quite a bit on the way up, but once we got to the top the view was amazing.

We took a picnic, and on the way back we stopped at a conveniently sited bench beside the road.

As we opened the car door the smell overwhelmed us... wild rosemary

.....................and thyme grew all over the hillside.

We then sat and ate our sandwiches while discussing various recipes that could utilise natures wild bounty. We have seen borage growing willy nilly all over the place and the conversation moved on to gin and tonic with borage flowers frozen in ice cubes. They are very nice in salads too!

Wild flowers of all description just spring up everywhere... here on the edge of a building site in the village... an unknown mallow like flower is blooming happily and a fantastic butterfly alights on the car.

And then on the route to the hospital... this field of poppies - which grew redder and redder each day as more and more poppies opened up to the warmth of the spring sunshine.

We watched in horror as news of terrible snow storms in the north of Spain reached us. It clouded over a little here and the wind was a bit chilly but the sun continues to shine brightly. I think I have already said that it gets very very hot in July and August - too hot for me, but I think visiting in May for my grand daughter's birthdays will be a joy!


  1. This is lush for this part of spain... if you want dry you need to see the same views in August... !!


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