What Can I Say!

Six Pounds and Three Ounces... and not even 24 hours old!


  1. How adorable is baby Io Florence, well done mum. It's a happy day for you all.

  2. Aw, baby hiccups - that is a lovely clip!

    She is beautiful!

    I love newborns, they smell so yummy :o)

    Enjoy her, although I'm sure she is getting lots and lots of cuddles from you.

  3. congrats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments. I really feel like you have all come on a journey with me... and although it is really a beginning I feel like this story has had a happy ending... if you see what I mean. The joy of being granny is that I shall be able to go home next week and leave mum and dad to cope with all the messy bits. hooray!

  5. Yes, I think we have all been as excited as you, it's great to follow your story.

  6. Congratulations, a beautiful baby and your daughter looks so happy x


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