Even though this visit to Spain has been a bit like a holiday there really has been a sense of waiting and watching. Especially the watching. I find myself watching my daughter's face, or looking at the shape of her belly... the way she walks... the slightest grimace bringing forth questions of concern.. are you ok? Have you got a pain? Do you feel sick? Is there anything I can get you? It must be trying for her... but also for me... I have had four children of my own but I always felt reasonably in control. Now I can only watch and wait.

I have been sleeping quite lightly. I know that they would wake me if anything starts in the night but I hear every time she gets up for the toilet... I hear voices and I strain to catch any tell tale signs. Last night I had the worst sleep of all... I heard her going to the bathroom several times, and they were talking and then she was running a bath... I waited for someone to knock at my door but they didn't so I tried to get back to sleep.

When I realised they had got up really early... even though it is a bank holiday, I decided to get up too. My little girl is in labour. My son in law has found an app for his I phone that will time each contraction... they are coming quite strongly at ten minute intervals. We would rather wait at home until we absolutely have to go to the hospital... it's more comfortable at home. But we are ready to go and then the contractions slow down to roughly two an hour but they are still strong.

I find that I have no advice that is of any use... it's more than twenty years since I had a baby and it is all different now... my experiences, even with my first were much quicker than this. It is not easy this watching and waiting.

The day has passed and my daughter has languished on the couch. Drifting in and out of sleep, contractions come sometimes two or three in fairly quick succession and we are thinking it's time to get into the car and then they stop ... perhaps for an hour, and we settle down again in front of the tv. The I phone has cleverly recorded it all...

It is now after ten pm and we have retired to bed ... to try to get some rest... it will probably be a big day tomorrow... I am lying here listening for voices... for footsteps from upstairs...

I must get some sleep if I can... I hope that I will have some good news for my next post.


  1. Oooooh Jane! It's so exciting! Cant wait till your next post!!!! Keeping everything crossed for you all xxxx

  2. Fingers crossed is an easy birth! you have all been through so much

  3. Now I'm on tenderhooks as well, how exciting. I hope all goes well for the mum to be.

  4. Hope everything is going / has gone smoothly. Looking forward to your next post :)


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