An Emotional Sandwich

For the last five months I feel like I have been the filling in a sandwich... I was worried about my step mother and my father and then she died and I worried about my father more... and then my daughter was ill and I worried about her and my grand daughter to be... I have been to the north of Scotland twice and to Spain twice and to Japan too... Now I have come home - been home for a week actually - I just feel exhausted and like it has all caught up with me.

The allotment is full of weeds (and my onions went to seed!!!), the house is 'out of sorts' and my website has not been updated for ages and ages... (Natural Skincare Made Easy) ... Billy Christina is due home from Japan at the end of the month... and Philly Billy is about to embark on a new career and I just don't have the energy for any of it!

Because of this... I am going to take a rest from blogging. In fact I am going to take a rest from everything except the allotment, the cooking and the cleaning. I may do a little knitting or sewing but I am definitely not available for anything else. I feel a little sorry about this because all my faithful readers have become like friends to me. There have been so many times when a comment made by a total stranger has in fact been of great comfort to me and I am so grateful for that... but I need to re-charge my batteries and that means doing lots of practical things like gardening, filling the freezer with meals and cakes and home made bread. Getting the long list of sewing jobs done (and learning some new techniques from my friend over at the House of Marmalade) and turning my small stash of wool into pairs of socks.

I am also going to be trying to save some money... Bright and New and Ilona at Life after Money have both been a wonderful inspiration to me on this front... and I shall continue to follow all my favourite blogs and probably leave comments on them too... and I do hope that I will eventually return full of beans and enthusiasm for the blogosphere but for the foreseeable future... the Technobillies are having a rest. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. It sounds like you deserve a rest, so I don't think you need to apologise.

    In the words of Patrick McGoohan, "Be seeing you..."

  2. Goodness- I think you really do deserve a rest and I don't think there is a single person who would criticise you for it either.

    Have a well deserved rest and take some time out for you.

  3. You must have been through so very many emotions over the last few months. Of course you need to stop, rest and recharge if that is what you feel your body is telling you - you have been there for others throughout the last few months and you need to do something for yourself now.

    Enjoy your time baking and gardening - both are so good for the soul :o)

    Being selfish for a moment, I will miss you and your blog so much, but I'm subscribed to you in Reader so will know when you return to blogging again.

    Sending you lots of hugs - take care xxx

  4. I understand though I will miss your updates. Mine has sort of fizzled on out, honestly, Major life changes happen, things ebb and flow and transform. Enjoy a rest.xxoo

  5. Enjoy your rest, you deserve it. I am amazed at how much you manage to fit into your life, something's got to give. Best wishes to you and your family.


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