At last!

Sorry I have no photo's at the moment... but I hope you will understand... after a labour of 47 1/2 hours (most of which was without pain relief!) my grand daughter arrived at 03.28 am 5th May. Both mum and baby exhausted but healthy. My grand daughter is tiny tiny tiny - don't know her weight yet - but of course she is very beautiful!!

I have had about 4 hours sleep in the last 24 so things are a little crazy here... we knew that the baby was a girl for some time but her name was kept a secret until she arrived.... so....

A Great Big Welcome to Io Florence

This is the other Io... obviously not quite as important!


  1. Welcome to planet Earth, Io.

  2. Huge congratulations to all. Looking forward to piccies and so pleased to hear that Mum and baby are well. xx

  3. Oh congratulations!! You must be so relieved and proud-and what a beautiful name.

  4. Io is a mighty name for a thing so small!
    Fantastic news.


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